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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My closet.  It's a disaster.

I need an intervention.  STAT!

Don't get my wrong.  I love my closet.  It's spacious and open and there's lots of room, but there is also so much wasted space.


I can't believe I just posted my mess-of-a-closet on the internet.  But see all that wasted space?  10 foot ceilings are great, but I'm 5'2".  I can barely reach to hang anything on that top rack.  Which is why there's nothing there and everything ends up piled on the shelf.


The main thing that's driving me nuts lately is my jewelry.  All these necklaces and bangles need a better place to live.  (Oh, and my shoes.  Embarrassing.)  (And my bathing suits?  Why are they mingling with my jewelry??)

So I need your help.  I know several of you have done some sort of Pinterest jewelry organizer.  I need a link.  But it's got to be simple.  I'm not remodeling my closet or anything, but I'm willing to make a few purchases to make my closet a little more efficient.

I don't really have any place to set anything, so it will need to hang (like above) or there is a decent sized blank wall to the left of my shoes in the above pic that I could utilize as well.  I'm thinking of starting with something like this:

Found here.

I like it because it's simple and doesn't require any tools.

But then I also think this could work well:

Both found here.

But I wonder if the sections will be too small.  I have a lot of long necklaces, so the bottom pic is good, but what about all my bangles?  Earrings?

I need serious help, people.  Ideas?  Advice?  Anyone willing to just come do it for me?  I'll bake for you!


Isabelle said...
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Isabelle said...

there is a product called little black dress. it's about 25$ and it's brilliant. That's what I use http://www.umbra.com/ustore/product/299035-040.store

Teri M said...

So hard - I am completely inept at such matters. I wish you luck. :-) And I want to see the after pictures too!

The Suburban H.I.T. said...

Please show us end results - I'm in the same boat as you with my jewelry and need help!

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