That time Joey went to the grocery store.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Every so often Joey will offer to go to the grocery store for me.  When he first offers, I usually decline - I just feel like it's my chore, not his - but if he persists, it doesn't take much for me to give in.

Because his sleep schedule is whack, he ends up going around midnight and usually has a lot of fun. *sarcasm*  The last time he went, he made the mistake of wearing a red shirt.

The employees at our grocery store wear red shirts.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.  Needless to say, he ended up taking off his red shirt (he had another shirt under) halfway through his shopping trip.

Yesterday, he offered to go to the grocery for me again and I don't even think I blinked.  I was kind of in a funk and just really didn't want to go.  By the looks of his Facebook update at 1am, I think he's sorry he offered.

Poor guy.  He always has such a hard time finding things, and it doesn't help that we have a brand new HUGE HEB now.  It's insane.  Nothing is where it should be.

I do send him with a list, but you can rest assured that this was not on that list.  I'm not complaining though.

Another relaxing Sunday.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Sunday we did one of our favorite things - hanging with the Diazes. Trigger was super excited to join the fun.

We relaxed at the pool for a while then headed back to their place so the guys could throw some food on the grill.  Somewhere along the way, cheesecake was mentioned, so Neri and I made an emergency run to HEB.  Yes, cheesecake is an emergency.

I'm pretty sure that picture speaks for itself.  Cheesecake = emergency.

With a belly full of dinner, dessert, and some yummy adult beverages, we settled in to watch a movie.  (Tower Heist - good movie, but should have been rated R.  It was PG-13 so we let the kids watch a bit, but then we had to send them upstairs.  The language was terrible!!)  Daisy made a new friend - Joey didn't seem to mind.

Then the guys got a little too comfortable...

After we woke Joey up, he got a little crazy.  Ok, so did we.  That's what cheesecake and margaritas will do to you, I guess.

Speaking of the Diazes, please love this picture of their new puppy!  They're fostering a military working dog and he is so cute!  He pretended to be scared of us when we went to meet him Wednesday, but before long he crawled up in Ashton's lap for a little love.  Trigger can't wait to meet him!

AF Base invasion.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Last week Taylor spent the night with our good friends and while he was there, Neri took the kids to the base.  Although I wasn't there, I think it's safe to say, by the looks of these pictures, that Taylor thoroughly enjoyed his visit.

I think he was a bit star-struck!

All that excitement?  Yep, that's a brand new calendar he's holding! LOL  And Lisi's pose?  Priceless.  (You'll notice she really knows how to work the camera.)

And here he is holding up a huge plane!!  Joey & I breed strong children.

Again, the boys are totally digging it, and Lisi is just working her model-magic.

What's better than Sonic happy hour after a long day holding up giant military planes?

Sonic happy hour with great friends!

She's back!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last week Joey dropped Ashton off at church and she left for camp for the whole camp.  She was a bit nervous because she didn't really know anyone that was going, but I knew she would make friends quickly and have a wonderful time.

And that she did!

I must say, the house was a bit quite and slightly boring without her silliness all week.  I was super excited when she called on Friday and said they were only about 45 minutes away.  We missed her!!!

I was waiting in the parking lot when the bus pulled up.  I was a little giddy.

And I wasn't the only giddy one.  Ashton was so happy to see me she even let me take a picture!!

She spent the next 10 minutes telling me all about camp and about the boy that asked her to go out with him - you know, the stuff she couldn't talk about in front Joey.

And go out??  You're at camp!  Where exactly are you going?? LOL  Turns out it was totally harmless and she "broke up" with him the next morning.

That's my girl.

Once we picked up Joey and Taylor we headed to lunch.  I knew the kids had really missed each other when I overheard them "arguing" about who missed who more.

So happy that Ashton had such a wonderful time, but I'm really happy to have my family back under the same roof again.

Father-son bonding.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ashton is away at camp all this week so Taylor is home by himself.  Well Joey is there, but Taylor's partner-in-crime is missing.  Joey thought this would be a good time for some father-son bonding.  And what's the best way to bond with your son?

Video games, of course!

I wasn't there so I don't know any of the details, but by the looks of things, I think they had fun!


Father-daughter time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

For Father's Day this year I gave my dad a date with me. :)

My dad and I love to spend time together, but lately it hasn't been that easy.  His schedule, my schedule, UGH!  So this past Saturday we cashed in on our date and I helped my dad with a little shopping.


We hooked dad up with lots of new clothes so he can impress mom all over again when they celebrate their 40th anniversary this weekend.

I had a great time Dad.  Love you!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A few weeks back there was a Groupon for tube rentals to float the Comal River.  I haven't been tubing since middle school so I thought it would be a fun Sunday adventure.  I texted a fellow Groupon junkie and we decided to take our families together.

Let me just say the day did not start off as planned.  I had one too many blonde moments - and I usually don't have those at all.  First, I misread a text from my friend and we ended up at opposite houses.  Also, I evidently read the wrong "river rules" and packed an ice chest full of canned beer and plastic water bottles - neither of which you can take on the river.  Then Joey and I realized we had a miscommunication and the ice chest that had our lunch in it was still in the garage at home.  And hour away.


But, we were determined to make the most of it and guess what?  It appears that you CAN float the river without an ice chest full of alcohol!  Who would've thought?!?

Me and my boy - who's generally always happy to pose with momma for a quick pic. (Ashton was sitting next to him, but she wouldn't have any part of it. LOL)

My favorite people in the world.  And look!  It's Ashton!!

Us and the Schott's.

We had such a good time and can't wait to go again.  At least now we know what we're doing and can be a bit more prepared.  Thank goodness we went with some tubing professionals or we may still be there, floating endlessly down a river.

Summer basketball.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Taylor's first game of the Summer season was Saturday and he was so excited.  He is loving playing basketball and is really improving.

Last season we had some issues and the team ended up never getting uniforms.  He was so stinkin' happy to have a uniform for his game Saturday he insisted I take a picture and email it to him.

His coach usually has him do the jump ball at the beginning of the game and this time he got it! (I know it doesn't look like, but I promise!)

Here he is defending the best player on the other team.  He did a pretty good job!

 And he's a pretty good free throw shooter too!

I absolutely love watching him play because he enjoys it so much.  And he still smiles at me from the court when I cheer for him.  I'll take that as long as I can get it!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Today needs to be a catch-up day on the blog.  I've been so busy this week - and it's not slowing down any time soon - that I can't even put a coherent thought together.  But I don't want to forget some good times we've had lately.

In June, Taylor went so a VBS sort of event every Thursday at church and had a great time!

Taylor and I had a little date.  I love that he can use chopsticks!

Snagged a picture with my honey when we took the kids bowling.

And a pic of my boy being silly.

I can't forget Trigger.  He likes pictures too!

And just for laughs, I posted this on Joey's FB wall.  It was his favorite.

Important note:  I know this post makes it seem like I only have one child, but let it be known that Ashton is still in her "take my picture and die!" phase.  When I look back on this time years from now, I'll wonder where Ashton was.  She was there, she just wouldn't allow proof.

Flying L

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We had so much fun on Sunday!  (Are you seeing a theme?  Sunday's are our favorite days ever now that Joey is off work!)

A few weeks back there was a Groupon for discount tickets to a local water park.  I roped my good friend Neri into purchasing it too and Sunday both our families headed out to have a great day.  We were a bit nervous when we pulled into the parking lot and couldn't actually find the water park, but once we got settled, we soon realized this may very well be the best place on earth!

Yes, it was small, but it wasn't crowded, it was relaxing, and because it was small, the kids could go off and do their own thing while the adults got to relax, chit chat, and sip on a frozen beverage.  It was fabulous!

The kids never stopped.  All day.  The were like the Energizer Bunny.  They just kept going and going and going.  It was so relaxing for us just to see them having so much fun!

After a few hours, though, we broke for dinner.  We figured they needed to refuel for more fun so we had a little picnic.

Then there was a friendly game of horseshoes among the men.

Then this.  (I told him to look to mean. LOL)

After a little more fun in the water, the adults decided to go for another "friendly" game of Putt Putt.  I believe  Osman was working on this hole for maybe the 15th time!!

Look, Putt Putt is harder than it looks. Obviously!

And of course we needed a few self portraits along the way.

Ha ha!  Matching sunglasses on our heads! LOL

It was about this time that they nearly had to kick us out.  We closed it down, people!!

This picture is totally staged, too.  Emilio was complaining that his eyes hurt, Lisi was upset that we had to leave, and Taylor was whining about a scrape on his arm.  How we got them all to smile for a picture I have no idea! 

I just love these people! 

And that's a wrap!  We had such a good time at such an unlikely place.  But it seems like good times are always a given when we get together with the Diazes.  I'm so thankful that God brought our families together. 

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