Annual Cousins Trip.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

This week was my cousins annual "girls and kids" trip to San Antonio.  They've been coming to SA for 5 years now and we always look forward to spending time with them.  The kids have so much fun playing and my 2 cousins and I have a great time relaxing and soaking up the sun.

It's definitely a highlight of every summer!  And it's really fun to look back through my blog and see how the kids have grown over the last 5 years - and the babies that have been added!

*This is where I insert the obligatory photo overload warning.  Consider yourself warned.*

We always start the day at the lazy river - and spend most of the day in that very same spot.  The kids seem to never tire of floating around and around.

This year we did take a break, though, for the kids to get inked up.

(I really wish that lady wasn't in my picture.  I'm sure she wishes the same.)

After a long afternoon of soaking up the sun, we moved the party to the volleyball court.  Please love this action shot of my 7 year old cousin!

After a little volleyball (and tether ball, bad mitten, and ping pong), we headed up to the hotel room to figure out dinner.  Of course, when you put 7 kids in a hotel room - even if it is a suite - they will only last so long.

Ha ha.  Totally kidding.  Taylor and Brady were play fighting and it was too funny!  They kept saying, "don't really hit me!"  And the other would say, "Ok, I'll try!"  Luckily no one was injured in the taking of this picture.

We had a new addition to the crew last September so this was the first cousins trip for baby Maddox.  Ashton absolutely loves babies, so she couldn't keep her hands off!  He's such a sweet boy!

After dinner it was time for s'mores - the kids favorite time of day!  By the time I got to the fire pit, Taylor had already caught a marshmallow on fire.  And he was quite proud of it!

(Can you even see it?  It's at the top of that stick. LOL)

(Camryn - Lauren's oldest)

After s'mores, the hotel always shows a movie on the lawn.  We grab blankets and popcorn and settle in for the evening.

Ha!  Who am I kidding?  The kids don't last but maybe 20 minutes before they're bored and looking for something else to do.  It's a nice thought though.

(cousins 2012 - Brady, Taylor, Ashton, Maddox, Derek, Berkley, and Camryn)

Ashton helped feed Maddox his last bottle, but he was a little distracted by all the cousins, the movie, and the popcorn.

I'm so grateful for the time I get to spend with my cousins.  We don't see each other often - sometimes only once a year - but it always seems like no time has passed.

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