Weekend getaway.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Joey and I had a fabulous weekend away for our anniversary!  It's so nice just to get away from everything for a few days - no plans, no appointments - and play everything by ear.

We started off the weekend by taking Trigger to the kennel.  I don't think he was all that excited.

After we dropped of Trigger, we headed out of town... in the pouring rain.  It rained nearly the entire weekend, but we made the most of it!

After checking into the hotel and freshening up a bit, we headed out in search of some yummy Mexican food.  And you can't have yummy Mexican food without a yummy margarita, right?!?

Ah... my super sexy husband. (And his fish tacos.)

And then there was me, with my appetizer sampler. (I'm a sucker for a variety plate, what can I say? And it was YUM-MY!)

After dinner we went to the movie (something we used to do all the time, but never seem to do anymore) to see Safehouse.  It was really good - even with me nodding off a couple of times.  It was late people.

When we got back to our room, the hotel had left us an anniversary gift!

On Saturday we slept in a bit then grabbed some coffee and headed to the hot tub.  We had it all to ourselves and it was so relaxing.  Then we got in a little workout so we could go eat this:

I know, I know.  But we were on vacation!!

We also played a little shuffleboard...

And I won.

Then we headed back into town for a one and a half hour couples massage.  It was heaven, but by the time it was over, we were super hungry!  We headed back to get ready for dinner, but decided that since they had s'mores by a campfire, we would have dessert before dinner.

It was worth it.

Then we headed to eat the best food I've ever tasted in my entire life. If you're ever in Bastrop, TX, you have to eat at Baxter's on Main.

I had a spicy panko crusted salmon filet and Joey had a fabulous steak.  You all should probably make a special trip just to eat there.  It was THAT good.

That about did us in for Saturday night.  (I won't mention the cheesecake we stopped and got on our way back to the hotel.  That would be wrong.)  We had plans to go back to the hotel bar and have a drink and play more shuffleboard, but I was so tired we just decided to call it a night.

Sunday morning we were woken by the joyous sounds of an Indian wedding on the grassy area RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW.

I would say I had no words, but that wouldn't be true.  I had a lot of words.  And they weren't nice.  I wasn't happy to be woken up at 9am (on vacation!) to the sounds of drums and horns.  I wish the happy couple a great life together, I just wish they could've had a quieter ceremony.

Since we were up, we decided to just get ready and head on out.  On our way out, we passed the hotel dog and I had to stop and get a picture.  His name is Hoss and he lives at the resort.  He has handlers that walk him and he has play dates with resort guests.  He is so cute!!

(I can't remember the breed, but he is 2 years old and 140 pounds!)

Joey and I had such a fabulous time and I'm so happy we were able to get away and just spend quality time with each other.


kourtney said...

Looks like you both had a fun anniversary trip with lots of YUMMY food! Glad you all enjoyed the weekend!

Sweet Simplicity said...

It looks like a great trip! That food has me hungry!

Teri M said...

Good company, good food, and a movie "nap". Sounds practically perfect!

Neri said...

Thnx. Now I want loaded nachos.

natalie said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I loved this post..what a great trip! Love that dog! Happy Anniversary!!!

Melissa said...

I love weekends like that!

Joey said...

that dog is literally bigger than you! haha, hoss was awesome! i had a great time baby. Can't wait to do it again! (p.s. I want a shuffleboard rematch!!! cheater!)

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