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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For the past several years, Joey's grandma's health has been deteriorating.  She'd been hanging on like a champ, but in November, she really began to take a turn for the worst.

Joey and I were more intentional than ever at going to visit and taking the kids to see her.  One of the last times the kids saw her, Ashton insisted on baking her cookies and taking them to her.

Memaw had not been eating much of anything, but when Ashton brought the cookies, Memaw was ready to eat.  Ashton sat in bed next to her and fed her bite after bite of homemade cookies.

I cherish this picture.  The kids love their Memaw so much and she has been such a large part of their lives.

And I absolutely love this picture of Joey and Memaw.  I think she looks so beautiful.

Over the years, the kids (as well a Joey, as a child) enjoyed expressing their love for their Memaw on woodwork that Pepaw would carve for them in his shop.  I never want to forget these.

Sadly, Memaw passed away on December 1, 2011, just 4 days shy of her 88th birthday.  Although we were confident that she was now with Jesus and no longer suffering, her passing was devastating.  She was such a large part of Joey's life growing up, and then a great part of Ashton and Taylor's lives.  She was giving, selfless, and loved us all with everything she had.

The kids were both dressed so nicely for the funeral.  Memaw would have loved seeing Taylor in his little suit.  (Ashton was just as beautiful, but she wasn't really up for pictures.)

Our Crossfit group sent these beautiful roses for the service.

Joey, my dad, and our friend Ryan served as pall bearers.  The service was beautiful and everything that Memaw deserved.
Memaw -

Thank you for welcoming me into your family almost 14 years ago and loving me as if I was your own.  Thank you for loving my children, your "babies", unconditionally.  You cared for them perfectly and spoiled them rotten.

I'm so grateful to have you taking care of my baby in heaven until I get there.  No doubt my sweet baby is being loved on constantly.  Meanwhile, we're doing our best to take care of Pepaw.

We talk about you often and reminisce about all of the wonderful times we shared.  The kids enjoy getting their Highlights magazine in the mail each month.  That's certainly a gift from you that keeps on giving.  You always knew they loved that!

Memaw, we love you dearly and miss you always.  


Sweet Simplicity said...

This is such a heartfelt post and brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad you have the pictures and precious memories of her.

Jenny said...

the picture of joey and his grandmother is priceless. also love the one with the kids in bed with her. didn't think i'd cry today.....lol. very beautiful tribute.

Lauren said...

SO SO sweet!!!!! :)

Neri said...

Absolutely beautiful. *tears*

Teri M said...

Such a wonderful, lovely, post. It is getting rarer and rarer for kids to show such love for a grandparent (let alone a great grandparent). Your kids are so special and good.

Kelly said...

Memaw Is beautiful!

Lindsay said...

i am so sorry! what a beautiful woman...praying for yall

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