Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's almost impossible to fathom, but on December 9, 2011, my baby turned 12.


How in the world has it been 12 years since she was born?  12 years since she was too tiny for newborn clothes and I had to go buy preemie clothes.  12 years since she slept in the cradle that Pepaw handmade.  12 years since we had to bounce her on our chests and pat her bottom just to get her to sleep.


But I guess not, since she woke up almost as tall as me and looking more like 18 than 12.

For her birthday, she got one of the Twilight books, and necklace from Taylor, and a box of Swiss Cake Rolls.  I think those might have been her favorite.

Joey had to work on Ashton's birthday, so I took the kids out to dinner to celebrate - Ashton's birthday, not the fact that Joey was at work. LOL.

Ashton chose Olive Garden.  And she even posed for a pic with her brother - which is extremely rare.

After dinner, I had a surprise for Ashton.  She's obsessed with cupcakes these days, so I surprised her with a stop by a cupcake shop.  She was so excited! (Score one for mom!)

No one was surprised when Ashton chose a chocolate-chocolate cupcake.

Nor were we surprised when Taylor chose a vanilla-vanilla cupcake. My children are nothing if not predictable.

We certainly wish daddy could have been there, but we had a great time celebrating anyway.

Daddy didn't miss out on all the festivities, though.  We celebrated with Joey's mom and Pepaw on Sunday, so Joey got in on some cake action.

Ashton, however, has become rather shy in front of the camera... unless I threaten to take back all of her presents.

Then she'll smile!

Happy birthday baby girl.  We love you so very much!

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Teri M said...

She is so beautiful. Glad she had such a special day. And it's nice to hear from you again. :)

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