Pumpkin carving and costumes.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I mentioned yesterday that the kids and I went to our friends house to carve pumpkins this year.  The kids were very excited to get started and really did a good job on their own, although Neri's husband and I had to help with most of the scooping and knife wielding.

Some may say that Osman and I carved the pumpkins, but these pictures wouldn't tell that story.

Taylor was so proud of his pumpkin!  He named him Dave and set him proudly on the porch.

Dave barely made it to Halloween before he shriveled up, but at least he was still alive to greet the trick-or-treaters.

Speaking of trick-or-treaters...

Taylor and his friend from down the street dressed in the same costume.  They didn't plan it, but I thought it was hilarious when they showed up on my doorstep together.  (Taylor is on the left.)

Ashton was "too old" to dress up this year, so she handed out candy with me.  We had a great turnout in our neighborhood, but it seems like "trick-or-treat" has gone by the wayside.  I'm not sure anyone said that.  Most of the time they were polite and said thank you, so I guess that works.

Funny story - one of our neighbors handed out soap instead of candy.  There was a note on the soap that said "Have a clean Halloween!"  Taylor's friend was quite, um... well, less-than-thrilled with the soap, but Taylor smelled it and said it was the best thing he got!

That boy...


Karm said...

soap? haha that is a different treat to give out, but I bet it was nice. My sons are 7 on down and they rather pass out candy then get candy.. which was nice for me hehe

Kelly said...

Glad your back to blogging!!

I don't think any of our trick or treaters said "trick or treat". I gave extra to the ones that at least said "Happy Halloween" :)

Melissa said...

How random to pass out soap!

Neri said...

Those pumpkins turned out mighty fine!

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