Weekend recap. Life and heartbreak.

Monday, September 12, 2011

This weekend was a little bit of everything - normal life, fun, friends, and heartbreak.

Friday afternoon, Ashton called her Memaw (Joey's grandmother) and asked if she and Taylor could spend the night. Memaw wasn't feeling too well, but will never pass up a chance to see the kids, so I took them over when I got home from work. As soon as we walked in the door, Taylor said hi, gave hugs, then grabbed his basketball.

He really only gets to play at Memaw's, but he's really good!  I need to sign him up for team ball, I suppose.

When I left the kids at Memaw and Pepaw's, I headed to Stacy's for a little crossfit.  Then, as any good crossfitter would do, I went home and baked pumpkin bread.

Look, I love to crossfit, but I also love to eat.  What can I say?

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping, hung out with Joey for a bit, then took the kids back out to Ryan & Stacy's for Katie's birthday party (their middle child).

Katie is very into horses at the moment, and lucky for her, her Aunt Traci has several!  Traci and her kids brought 2 horses to the party and let the kids ride.  I think Katie was surprised!

 The birthday girl, Katie.
(I have no idea why this picture is so blurry.  I think my camera lens fogged up in the heat.)

Taylor and Ashton had a blast!  They've never ridden a horse before, so this was a real treat.

And for my daughter who doesn't like to have her picture taken, she sure does know how to pose, right??

Oh heaven help me.  Note to self: install bars on her window and a lock on the outside of her door.

ETA:  The weekend was so full, I forgot about one of my favorite parts!!  A few weekends ago I met a new friend and she and her kids came over for pizza and fun after church.  She brought the yummiest cake pops and we had a great time chatting it up and watching the kids play outside. Next time, though, we will not about car insurance, right Neri?

After the party the kids and I went to church.  Our church, as I'm sure many others, had a wonderful tribute to 9/11.  It's very surreal seeing the footage again and trying to explain to my children exactly what happened.  I wish they didn't have to know a world like this.

Sunday was a glorious day of relaxation and football - with a little cleaning mixed in.  Joey and I watched part of the noon game until he had to get ready for work.  Then I cooked some chili and got ready for friends to come over for the Cowboys game.

Ryan thought it would be funny to send this picture to Joey of him drinking Joey's beer while watching football from Joey's chair.

I admit, it was funny.  But I wish Joey could have been there with us.

Then comes the heartbreak.

My precious, dearly loved Cowboys... what am I going to do with you?  Why must you always fall apart?  Why can you never finish strong?  I wore my Cowboys shirt.  I cheered loudly.  (Some might say screamed.)  I consumed football food - chili and stuffed jalapenos.  I even painted my nails for you!

Please get your act together.  I can't take the stress.


Jenster said...

i was rooting for the cowboys too, of course. but then, i thought...it was kind of fitting for a team from new york to win a game on this particular day. :)

Karm said...

My parents always said they were going to plant cactus under my window when I was a teenager haha I might have to do that to my sons later on.
She is beautiful though. Great party too.
Love your nails.

Lyryn said...

What a wonderful weekend! :)

adneris said...

You really did do your nails! I've been cracking up reading about your heartbreak. Whats up with our teams?

dottie said...

I love it!

Yes, you will have to install bars on your daughter's window. She's a doll!!!

My stupid Vikings blew it yesterday too. It's like deja vu. Booo! AND to dig it in deeper, the dumb Packer's won. On National tv. I don't know what mad me more mad... Hmmm. LOL!

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