A new era of threats.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last night, Joey and I skipped crossfit to hang out with the kids.  Joey has been working a lot lately and since school started, the kids don't go with us to crossfit anymore, so it seemed like it had been a while since we had some quality family time.

So in lieu of crossfit, we went for ice cream. (Stop judging.)

And here's where the threats come in:  I've mentioned before that Ashton has been hating the camera lately and will not let anyone take a picture of her.  Over the weekend, I had some friends mention that when their kids were in middle school and got a bit out of control, one of the moms arranged with the school to attend with her son and walk him to all of his classes... in her robe (with clothes on underneath, of course), with curlers in her hair and coffee stains everywhere.

I don't think I could go that far, but I did tell Ashton that if she didn't smile for this dang picture that I'd take whatever picture I got, blow it up to 16x20 and post it all over her school.

And that's the story of how I got a half-smile in that second picture.


AmandaG said...

Wow! That story about your friend is hilarious. Poor kid, bet they were so embarrassed. But I bet they kept in line after that!

Aimee said...

Her hair is cute! Does she do those curls herself? She is way more advanced than me lol

Aubrey said...

How could she not want her picture taken? She is just beautiful!!! Wish I knew how to curl my hair like that. I have to get my dance team girls to do it for me. You will survive middle school and then she will be normal again.....different, but normal. (I'm already trying to figure out how to send Lyla away for those terrible middle school years).

Jennifer said...

Haha! That's such a good idea :)

Anonymous said...

I love that idea of the robe. I will be threatening that concept when I have kids in 20 years!
Ashton is beautiful. Girl needs to realize! :)

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