Middle School Prep.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saturday, Ashton and I spent the day together getting her ready for middle school.  She's been pretty nervous, but I was hoping that this time together would help get her excited.

We started the day off at Starbucks.  I mean, really, what's a date without Starbucks?  Ashton wanted a cupcake, so a cupcake she got!

On a side note, I've mentioned earlier that I'm eating on The Zone food plan.  Well, Saturday was special and I fully intended to cheat.  I ordered a grande white mocha and a bagel.

My mocha tasted horrible and my bagel was soggie.  They both ended up in the trash.  Dang you!!

After Starbucks, we headed to get Ashton's hair cut.  She had been going back and forth on whether or not she wanted to get highlights and ultimately decided to pass on them for now.  Our hair stylist cut her some long layers then spent some time with her showing her different ways she could style it.  It was so fun!

I texted this pic to Joey, to which he responded, "I need to buy more guns."

Yes.  Yes, you do.

The next stop was lunch.  Ashton chose Alamo Cafe, which seems to be her favorite mother-daughter lunch spot.  I was totally fine with that because they have the best queso and tortillas in the entire U S of A.

After lunch we headed to Old Navy and Target to pick up some last minute items.  We had a great time, and I think she's ready for Monday!

I love you baby girl!  Goodness time sure does fly...


AmandaG said...

Love her hair! She looks so sweet in her pic. I laughed at Joey's comment!

Staci said...

aww my lil schnookums is all growed up...i remember when i taught her to scrunch her nose and bribed her to say staci. now shes all teen and tude. love that girl!! tell her to stop it!!

Brown Girl said...

Awe, she's so pretty. She'll do great in middle school!

Rachel said...

Time does fly!!! She looks gorgeous!!! What a fun day

Mighty M said...

Yep - lots and lots of guns! :) Glad you two had such a fun day!

Trina said...

lol overprotective daddies. I love it. Ashton is so gorgeous! Love her new haircut. Glad she skipped the highlights :)

MamaMia said...

Don't need no stinkin' highlights! Beautiful girl and great haircut! Ashton has matured into such a young lady since I last visited your blog. Middle school...thank goodness for a foundation in Christ and then we pray over them to make good choices and be surrounded by wholesome friends.

Happy new school year to you and your kids!

Sara said...

Bwahahaha! More guns. That's hilarious. They are both so precious! And her new haircut looks fantastic!

Kelly said...

Ashton looks so pretty! Love her "back to school" hair cut!

Melissa said...

I love her haircut! Beautiful!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Look how beautiful her hair is -- just stunning!

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