Back to school.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Can I just state the obvious here for a second?

"Back to school" is freaking expensive!!

I know, I know.  This isn't news to anyone.  Not even to me.  But I guess it really crept up on me this year and now school starts in 2 weeks and I haven't done anything to prepare!

So let's chat about how I should really get a part-time job, shall we?

  1. School supplies for Taylor, 2nd grade - Elementary school supplies aren't that bad, I'll admit.  And thanks to my fabulous MIL, Taylor probably has about half of his supplies already.
  2. School supplies for Ashton, 6th grade - Middle school is a whole different ball game.  Everything is bigger and more complicated, which equals more expensive.
  3. Speaking of middle school, not only do we have school supplies, but now we need gym uniforms and athletic shoes as well.
  4. Oh, and let's not forget the student planner that the school recommends.
  5. Then, of course, there's school clothes - and all moms know this really means an entire new wardrobe (since children grow at the speed of light). And granted, I should have probably bought them new clothes for the summer, but instead I just had them cut their too-short-jeans into shorts (Ashton loves this anyway) and long sleeve shirts into short sleeve. You can call it white trash if you want.  I call it stretching a dollar.
  6. And we can't forget new shoes.  Did I mention that children grow at the speed of light?  Yeah, so their school shoes from last year don't fit and they're not allowed to wear their summer shoes - um, flip flops.  So new shoes it is.
  7. Haircuts. Taylor won't be so bad, but Ashton has been begging for months now to get her highlights done again and I've put it off as long as I can.  I figured the start of middle school was a big deal and certainly warranted a fresh 'do.  But it will literally kill me to spend the same money on her hair that I spend on mine.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I'm so stressed out now, I really should stop thinking about it.

Oh, and did I mention that August is Taylor's birthday month?  Yep!  So we have a birthday party to throw and presents to buy.

Any leads on a part-time job?  Or a heads up on some lottery numbers?


Strawberryblush said...

I feel you pain sister! I bought the kids school supplies - paper, pencils, binders and all the basics last week and the only extra I threw in was their backpacks - $157 just for the basic supplies!!!! And I even bought the cheap backpacks - cheap but cool of course ;) Now on to shoes and clothes and thats where you really spend it! I'm thankful I have my license to do hair cuz at least I can save on that. SHEEEEESH! Happy shopping LOL!

Melissa said...

You're such an awesome mom to pay for her to get her hair highlighted for middle school. She'll be so pretty for her first day!

Kat said...

Now I'm stressed about back to school and I only have one in school. I'm also a teacher so I have 25 children that I need to get ready for back to school as well. Summer really got away from me. Enjoy the last 2 weeks.

Trina said...

I'm right there with you! Down to the August birthday and all. Well except, I don't have a middle school-er that needs highlights, but Rayna certainly needs a trim for sure! My MIL has been buying the kids clothes all summer {without me asking at all!} and so all I really need to get now is a few more jeans, a coat {for much later} and some shoes.

Mighty M said...

Super expensive month for you! I am lucking out this year - the district has changed school supply requirements for elementary school and we only have to provide 3 things!

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