The Zone.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yesterday was my 5 month anniversary with Crossfit.  (Ha ha.  Like how I talk about it like it's a person?)

When I started Crossfit, I was focused on not quitting, so I didn't put too much thought into what I was eating.  I mean, I usually try to eat a low-carb diet, but I wasn't on any kind of plan, just eating what I thought I should.

Yesterday, I finally decided to try The Zone, which is the Crossfit recommended eating "style".  I really knew nothing about it other than what my friend had told me about 3 block meals.

Um, what's a block?

Sunday night I spend nearly 2 hours putting together my menu for Monday.  Yes, I said Monday.  Not the entire week, just Monday.  I was so confused!!  But after many, many texts with a Zone professional (aka fellow Crossfitter), this is what I came up with:

I made a few changes, but overall, it turned out great!  (Changes included adding 1/4 avocado to my lunch, only 3 almonds in the snack, and the last snack moved to 30 minutes before bed and changed to 1 cup strawberries, 2 slices deli ham, and 3 almonds.)

Last night it didn't take me nearly as long to put together my menu for today.

I must say, though, I'm already sick to death of eggs.  They're not my favorite anyway, so I really need a different protein source for breakfast.

Has anyone ever done The Zone?  Any tips??

PS - I feel the need to say that I'm not necessarily on a "diet".  I'm not overweight and I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight, but I am trying to tone.  I'm working out really hard with Crossfit and I'd like to be able to see the muscles I'm building. :)


dottie said...

I wish I had your determination!

ty said...

That menu sounds pretty good! I'm hypoglycemic, so I have to eat six times a day, or else I just kind of fall over and die. Not The Zone, but if you need any menu ideas, I have a zillion!

Cat said...

im not familiar with "the zone" diet so this may not be allowed, but when i get sick of eggs, i have a scoop of protein powder instead-- i either put it in my oatmeal or i add it to 6-8oz. of water.

Mighty M said...

Eggs - you can do a nut butter but that will add more calories. Do you like cottage cheese??

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