Date night.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday night, Joey and I went on a date.  In the past, this wouldn't necessarily be "news worthy", but since Joey started on this schedule where he works every weekend, we haven't had a regular date night.

In fact, I can't remember the last date we had.  So, yeah.  Totally news worthy.

We had plans to got to dinner then meet up with some of Joey's cop buddies at a karaoke bar.  This would involve me staying out past my regular bedtime of 9:30.  But I was ready.  I hadn't been on a date with Joey is forever, so I didn't care how late we stayed out.

And for the record, we hadn't even made it to the restaurant yet!  I know... we know how to party!

We went to dinner at one of our all-time favorites (but we don't go much), Soluna.  They have the absolute best quesadillas.  It's pretty embarrassing the noises I make when I eat them.

OMG dinner was so fabulous!  But let me tell you, when we finished dinner at 9:15, I was ready for bed!

So we headed to get some coffee so I wouldn't fall asleep at the bar.  (And also, for the record, I didn't have 4 drinks at the bar.  I had to work the next morning!)

We had so much fun and promised to do this on a more regular basis.

Even if I do need a caffeine pick-me-up halfway through the night.


Lauren said...

Awww, so glad you both had a wonderful date night!!!!! :)

Melissa said...

Those quesadillas do look amazing! And your date night sounds fun!

Jenster said...

i just recently went to soluna! my husband used to own fitness heights which used to be in the same center of soluna so he knows the owner and his family very well. that place is fantastic!

dottie said...

I LOVE date nights! I love the fb status' too! I do the same thing. Ha, ha!

Now I'm hungry for quesadillas!

Aimee said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad you were able to squeeze a date night in during the week! Very sweet!

Kelly said...

Yay for date nights! I think I would be exhausted after eating that delicious quesadilla :)

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