Burpee for President!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For those of you who don't know, a burpee is a staple crossfit exercise.

There is nothing about them that is fun.  They suck.  (I can totally vouch for this since I had to do 50 last night at crossfit.)

So when my crossfit pal, Stacy, informed me that she was making her kids do burpees when they fought or were disrespectful, I knew I had to adopt this form of discipline.

They hate them.

In fact, Taylor told me last night that he was going to have a horrible summer because he would be doing burpees all the time.  Of course, that's when we had a heart-to-heart about how he wouldn't have to do any burpees ever again if he doesn't fight with his sister.

Taylor pretty much does the burpees without complaining, just to get them over with.  Ashton, on the other hand, does the burpees in full-on drama mode.  You know, pretending to pass out on the couch, huffing and puffing, and whining the whole time.

Here's hoping we have fewer and fewer burpees in our future.


Kelly said...

burpees are torture!! that would make me stop fighting!!

Trina said...

I had to do these last night at bootcamp and they SUUUUUCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good for you for making your kids do them :)

HA! Maybe I should too.....

Lauren said...

This is genuis, haha!!! Keep us updated on the burpees. And sure they thoroughly enjoyed you taking the pic, ha!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Hahaha, these are torture. I use them a lot to get my clients to do their out-of-class exercise...but we call thems "encouragements". As in, I "encourage" you not to miss your workouts or you'll get "these". LOL

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