Weekend recap. Without pictures.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do you know the true sign of a great weekend?  No pictures.

That's right.  We were having way too much fun to take out the camera, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I started the weekend off right with a girl's night out on Friday.  I'm so blessed to have several ladies in my new neighborhood that are so fun to hang out with!  We had Mexican food and margaritas and talked for hours.

*insert picture of me and the girls with our giant margaritas*

On Saturday, I slept as long as I possibly could, then the kids and I went to my parents for some pool time and cooking out.  We had a great time just relaxing.  My dad grilled hot dogs and sausage and my mom made rice krispie treats. YUM!  Then my parents and I watched a movie while the kids did who-knows-what.  They seemed to like it, and no one got hurt, so I didn't ask.

*insert picture of me laying on a float in the pool, the kids diving for rings, and dad by the grill.* 

Sunday, we headed to the pool with some friends.  All of our kids are at the age where they don't require 100% supervision, so it was nice for the adults to lounge and watch the kids play.  The kids had such a great time and the adults got some much needed sun.

*insert picture of 4 very happy parents laying by the pool and 4 very happy children splashing each other in the face.*

Monday we headed to Joey's moms for fajitas.  Again, YUM!

*insert picture of me stuffing my face.* 

After lunch we went back to the pool with our friends from Sunday (are you sensing a theme yet?), only by Sunday I was beginning to slightly resemble a lobster.  So while the other adults sat in the sun, I chose the chair in the shade with the latest US Magazine.  (Dang Carrie Underwood looks amazing!)  We stayed at the pool as long as possible, then went to their house to grill hamburgers.  Some other friends met us there and we had a fabulous time!  This kids played so well together and we only had once instance where Ashton's iPod got lost in the piano.  Success!

*insert picture of me lounging in the shade with an adult beverage, Ashton lounging next to me with her teeny-bopper magazine, Taylor wearing his goggles in the pool (since the pool water irritated his eyes the day before), the other adults soaking up the sun, and Rich, Wayne, and I fishing out an iPod from the piano.* 

I love summer!


Melissa said...

Sounds fun and relaxing!!

The Shabby Princess said...

Love the summer! Even the hot, sticky, bug infested Texas summers! We didn't get out to the pool this weekend, too busy relaxing in the AC, but, hopefully next weekend--I need a tan!

Kelly said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! I'm gonna have to figure out a way to get to the pool - or maybe I'll get a babysitter so I can go for some peace and quiet!
Glad you had a nice weekend!

Trina said...

I really did *insert picture* in my mind. Looks like you had a great weekend! And in my mental picture you were wearing a floppy hat by the pool and Ashton was reading Tiger Beat {have no idea what they are called these days lol}.

Joey said...

you forgot the *insert picture* of your husband stumbling to the car, and you driving me home, and me crashing out on the bed... hehe

Karm said...

haha I like the *insert picture* (: Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

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