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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This was the view on my run last night...

Have I mentioned how much I love our new house? Because I do. I love the drive out there, the quiet neighborhood, the house. I love it all and I feel so blessed!

The kids have been begging for pizza rolls for weeks now, so on Friday night, I let them make some. (I love dinners that I don't have to make.)

And since I'm sure you all think that the media cabinet I'm making is just a figment of my imagination, I give you... PROGRESS!

I still have to make the doors, but I was so tired of our TV equipment sitting on the floor that we just brought it inside anyway. Hopefully it won't become a permanently unfinished piece of furniture.


The LaJeunesse Family said...

i cant believe ive never made those pizza rolls. i must soon!

The Shabby Princess said...

What a beautiful sunset! Texas has the BEST sunsets, I swear. Love them.

Nicely done on the media cabinent--I think it looks fab even without the doors.

Cara S. said...

ahhhh that sunset is glorious. I love nights like that. The house looks great btw, coming along!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oh that is a beautiful view! so fun that the littles are helping to make dinner and it looks yummy! and yay for your media cabinet, awesome job so far!

Grand Pooba said...

That sky is beautiful!!! I'd go jogging just to see that.

Lyryn said...

Ok... I'm moving there! Then we can be BFF's. Blog friends forever! Oh wait... we can still be that. I want a sunset like that here. So tired of rain.

Brandy said...

Wow! That media console is looking SO good!! I can't wait to do some of Ana's projects too!

Megan said...

The pizza rolls are making me hungry..and I just had breakfast!

Love the TV set up!! And I want it.. and i'm confused! hah.. I'm assuming the cables are behind the wall and come out again to plug into an outlet?

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