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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

*I might be about to get a little controversial up in here.  Feel free not to read.

I listen to Kidd Kraddick In The Morning every day on my way to work, and then while I'm at work until it goes off at 10am.  This morning they posed the question: Are black women upset with Kim Kardashian because she dates black men?

I don't even understand why this would be an issue, but yes, a black woman called in saying that she's upset that Kim Kardashian is reducing her pool of black men to date.


Ok, here's the deal: First of all, I'm not sure that any man that Kim dates is reducing the dating pool for anyone else - black, white, asian - unless you're a millionaire.  Second, why is anyone concerned with the color of the skin on the person that anyone else chooses to date?

This is really my issue.  I just don't see why skin color matters at all, for anything.  I touched on this a while back when I gave my opinion on Hispanic Heritage and Black History months, but I'll say it again.  Everyone says they want to be equal, yet they keep drawing lines.  Why should I, or anyone else, care who someone else dates?  People are people no matter what color their skin is.  If you're white and you want to date black people, go ahead.  If you're black and you want to date white people, go ahead.

Why does anyone care?


Lindsay said...


Lyryn said...

Great post! I never really thought much of it because I never really had any GOOD black friends. Not that race matters at all!! But my best friend started working for a non-profit organization that had a heart for inner city people. She has learned so much by just moving in the city and join the community and learning about black culture in general. Bottom line is we all have a different culture. Whites have theirs, blacks have theirs and etc. All races also deal with their own set of bitter root expectations and judgments. Um... I hope I'm saying everything right here. IF I'm not I'll get Sue to come over here and explain it better, but it's TRUE that black woman (not all) but lots thing that when a white woman takes a black man they are limiting their pool. There is a word for that too... but Susan knows better. IF you want to know more, email me chica and I can get you more info. I've learned a lot from Susan's experience, but still knows way more than I do.

Her pastors started this racial reconciliation class that is really good to (from what I hear). The thing is we just don't always understand the root of things sometimes. Ok... I feel like I'm not making any sense, I'm going to tell Susan to come over and comment! :)


Lyryn said...

ok.. I think I might have explained this all wrong... SORRY! Don't hate me!!!

Drew's Mom said...

I completely agree with you! I absolutely HATE when people make race an issue for anything, be it positive or negative. We're all people.. not crayons!

Trina said...

lol @ Lyryn. Girl we know you don't mean anything hateful by that.

Stephanie, PREACH IT SISTER. It kills me that there is still a race issue after all this time...

Cara S. said...

OMG Lyryn you are too funny. I don't know which I enjoyed more, the post or Lyryn's comment. All I will say is this...while I DONT agree with it, it DOES happen. But seriously not for nothing, Kim is not the first nor the last white gal to date a black man.

Melissa said...

I totally agree!!

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