Dresser redo.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I mentioned a few posts back that Joey had found a dresser in his moms garage that he wanted to use in our office.  This is the picture he sent me when he found it:

Yes, that's a chainsaw on top of the dresser.  And normally that would scare me off, but this time I just said, "Sure honey, whatever you want."

So he brought it home last week and we got started cleaning it up.  As you can imagine from the picture above, it was pretty gross.  The top had oil all over it and the drawers were not much better.

There was quite a bit of sanding.

And painting.

We tried to clean the hardware, but after realizing it either wasn't going to get better than it was, or we just didn't want to spend the time trying, we decided to keep it as is for now. Joey wanted to keep the antique look, he also distressed the edges a little as well.

While he was working on Friday (and I was supposed to be doing nothing) I moved it into the office.  This was the only room that still had a few boxes, so I got those boxes emptied, thanks to our "new" dresser.

We've since moved those pictures and chair, and hung Joey's guitars on the wall.  It makes a world of difference, but I'll show all that once we finish it up.  It's still pretty bare.

Overall, I think it was a great find and will work really nicely in the office.


Leslie said...

Very nice pictures!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love the dresser!

Virginia Belle said...

What a great find! He did such a good job on it and I love the antique feel it has.

meredith said...

i LOVE DIY projects!!!

Trina said...

He did a great job! I've seen old dressers like that one before, I love them.

Jeni said...

i just love stuff like this! my dad collected antiques and i had a dresser our dad gave her as a kid re-done (after i tried myself - HA) for Mary's baby shower. I have mine he gave me in Lisa's house - i think Maddie still uses it! love it Steph!

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