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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I absolutely love Christmas.  I love everything about it.  I love the decorations, the music, the presents, the family time, and of course, the real meaning behind the holiday - the birth of Jesus.

Today, though, we're going to focus on the decorations.

I'm a little bummed this year because usually, by now, our house would be decorated and the tree would be lit.  But, since we're moving in less than 2 weeks, we're not decorating. Joey is ecstatic about this because he won't have to get on the roof.

I know he looks thrilled in this picture, but it was all an act.  Trust me.  He dreads the weekend after Thanksgiving all year long.  He can be somewhat of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas decorations, but he does a fabulous job!  We always win first or second place in our neighborhood competition. (Toot! Toot!)

While I love holiday decorations, they also drive me crazy.  I don't understand how some people can think that their decorations actually look good, when in fact, they look like this:

I have some very strict rules when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations. 

  1. First and foremost, Christmas lights go up the day after Thanksgiving and come down no later than New Year's.  If you absolutely must put your lights up before Thanksgiving, for heaven's sake (and mine!) do not turn them on!
  2. If you use large bulbs, you MUST use the clips that are designed to keep the light strand straight.  Crooked large bulb lights are a no-no.
  3. Do not, under any circumstance, line the trim of your house with a single strand of mini-lights.  It looks ridiculous.
  4. If you hang icicle lights, they must be white. DUH! (icicles are not multi-colored)
  5. On that note, don't hang multi-colored lights.
  6. If you have a light out, or a strand of lights, FIX IT!!
  7. Do not drape light strands down the side of your house in order to light your landscaping.  God created extension cords for a reason.  Don't use a light strand as an extension cord.
  8. Do not attempt to channel Clark Griswold.  It wasn't pretty in the movie, it won't be pretty on your house either.

There is a house up the street from us that absolutely drives me crazy every year.  Not only do they have more lights on their small property than should be used in our entire neighborhood, but they put them up (AND TURN THEM ON!) two weeks before Thanksgiving!

Oh, and they put orange lights on their house for Halloween, too.  It's just not right.

Now, in the spirit of transparency, here's what our house usually looks like at Christmas - plus or minus the tree & deer.

I love icicle lights!  We always have icicle lights on all the trim, then we line the driveway with alternating (large) white and red bulbs.  I have garland wrapped in red & white lights around my door frame, with a Christmas wreath hanging on the door.  The bushes along the sidewalk are covered with alternating (bushes) red and white lights, or all in green lights. 

The tree in the front yard is usually the death of me.  We wrap the tree with red & white lights, but it never fails that a few days after everything is up, a strand of lights will go out.  (This is also common with the wreath above the garage.  GRRR!)

Per rule #6 above, this is not ok!!

So Joey and I (or maybe just me - I told you he was Scrooge-like!) spend ungodly amounts of time trying to fix the strand, or in the worst case, we take the broken strand off the tree and replace it with a working strand.

Although it can be a pain, I absolutely love coming home to a well lit home!  All of our lights are on synchronized timers, so no plugging and unplugging.  They're on at 5:30 and off at 10:30.  LOVE IT!

So tell me, do you decorate the outside of your house?  What rules do you have for holiday decorating?


ty said...

I have to TOTALLY disagree with the multi-colored lights ban. I LOVE THEM. :) I realize most people don't (I think it's because white lights just look more uniform), but I adore them!

Virginia Belle said...

Your decorations and lights are beautiful! I totally agree with your rules. A huge pet peeve for me is early decorating and it seems each year people are doing it earlier and earlier. I saw wreaths and lights this year a week after Halloween. It's ridiculous!

The LaJeunesse Family said...

Girl we don't really do anything on the outside anymore! If we do, it's something small and simple. I think we're getting lazy. :)

Beth said...

See I love colored lights they make me happy. We also have some inflatables and icicles that we hang. I am a stickler about the non working strand of lights and the proper use of extension chords. However I have to say that our house verges on tacky and I just love it. :D

Merry Christmas!!

Lauren said...

The picture with all the decorations scared me! Your house is the perfect amount and I LOVE it! I can't wait to have a house and decorate for Christmas. I line our apartment door in white lights and have Christmas decorations throughout our "mini home"

The Shabby Princess said...

Can you come decorate my house? My husband is a total scrooge with the decorations too! His sister does all the decorating at home, so, he never really got into it. I on the other hand, am ALL OVER IT.

I do like multi colored lights however, but, I think they need to be the big ol' 1980s kind, not the little kind you put on your tree. My husband begs to differ. He is wrong.

The Shabby Princess said...

PS. Because I obviously have way too much to say today--my sister is living in Canada for a year and they celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of October, so, the Christmas decor goes up in November. This I can totally get on board with! Then it's technically not "too early" in that it's before Thanksgiving, but you have more thant 3.5 weeks to enjoy it.

AmandaG said...

I agree with not putting up decorations before Thanksgiving. I'm all about that.

Mighty M said...

I follow most of your rules. Most. :)

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