Packing sucks, but my parents don't.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Can I just say - because this is a safe place, right? - that packing sucks.   

I hate it.  Every second of it.

Now that I've stated the obvious, I have to give mad props to my parents.  Yesterday was packing day at Casa de Gorena and my wonderful parents gave up their Sunday afternoon to come help.  And by help, I mean my dad completely - single-handedly - packed the entire second floor of our house.

I paid them in pizza.

My mom and I packed the kitchen in the time it took my dad to pack 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.  Why must the kitchen take so long?!?  At one point, I asked my mom if it was bad to just throw everything away because it was such a daunting task.  In the end, we decided not to trash everything because my mom thought I might need dishes in the new house.

Who knew?

Anyway, the second floor of our house is now completely empty and our living room looks like this:

The rest of the week we'll be hauling all of this to storage (Do I even have to explain what I mean by we?  I didn't think so.) since we're staying with Joey's mom until the house is finished.

Which brings me to my next topic: Air mattresses.

Joey and I were slightly over zealous in our selling of furniture and our "only bring the clothes on your back to Mimi's!" attitude and thus decided that to cut back on the amount of furniture to move, we would just sleep on an air mattress for the mere 4-6 weeks that we'll be at Joey's moms.

That was the dumbest idea we've ever had and as I was lying awake - all night (Literally.  Not one wink of sleep.) - I communicated it as such to Joey.

He will be buying our new mattress today.

And I will be taking 2 (if not 3) Tylenol PM no later than 8:30 tonight. Need. sleep.


Melissa said...

Packing really is the worst!! I hope you get some sleep tonight! I can't imagine even trying to do the air mattress thing for that long.

The LaJeunesse Family said...

girl i feel your pain! the first two boxes are neatly packed and the remaining 1093 are filled with socks, dishes, and picture frames combined! it does suck! and i can't wait until it's all over for ya'll!! it WILL be worth it though. love you friend!

Lauren said...

YAY for wonderful parents, and yay for being all the more closer to being in your NEW house!!!!!! :)

blessedmomto8 said...

You are so blessed to have your mom and dad to help! AWESOME! Can't wait to see your new digs!

-Lauren said...

I am the worst packer ever. I just shove stuff in and then no one can lift it. The end is near. Hang in there! It will all be worth it :)

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