Ashton's birthday trilogy. Plus one. Part two.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birthday parties are not my forte.  In fact, they stress me out way more than they should.  But this year, I hit a home run.

Several weeks ago, Ashton and I were discussing what she wanted to do for her birthday party when all of the sudden it just came to me.  "Ashton, how about we keep it small and you invite 3 or 4 of your friends to a party at the mall?  I'll take you girls to La Cantera, we can eat pizza at Grimaldi's, ice cream at Marble Slab, and then y'all can just wonder around the mall and look at clothes?  What do you think?"

Wait for it...

"Mom!  That's the best party ever!  That's what grown ups do, right?"

And that's all it took.  She was pumped out of her mind for weeks!  Last Saturday was the big day, so we loaded up the girls and off we went.

They had so much fun posing for pictures outside the mall.  They were living it up!  And I was their own personal paparazzi.

There's a fabulous pizza restaurant at our mall call Grimaldi's.  I went there for my birthday and Ashton has been talking about it ever since.  The girls loved it!

Ashton opened her gifts while we waited for a table.  This is what Joey and I did for her. (Well, really I did it, but Joye paid.)  My friend Kelly came up with the scavenger hunt idea.  Ashton wanted to combine outfit #3 and #4 so after we finished dinner, we were off to shop.

Needless to say, the girls got a little distracted in Claire's when they decided they must have friendship bracelets.  Ashton offered to use part of her birthday money (which I thought was so sweet!) and I paid the rest.  I had so much fun watching them and thinking about the friendship necklaces that I used to have when I was their age.

Of course, when we walked by the huge trees in the center of the mall, all lit up for Christmas, they had to pause for a photo op...

... and several minutes of jumping off the stairs.  They laughed and laughed and had so much fun.  Usually, I would have had a mini panic attack with all the noise and ruckus they were making, but I was super proud of myself - I just let them have fun!

We took a slight break from shopping for some birthday ice cream.

After we finished our shopping, the girls wanted to go back to the middle of the mall (where the stairs were) and "hang out".  They jumped around and sang Christmas carols and laugh until they were sweaty - and it was 40 degrees outside.  I took some video but it's too large to upload.  Trust me, though, it's fabulous!  Just pure, unadulterated fun!

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the final outfit, but trust me again, it was adorable!!  She wore it to school on Monday and her friends loved seeing it all put together.


The LaJeunesse Family said...

you are the best mommy!!!!! it looks like she really did have the best time ever!

Lishak said...

You are a genius! I love this idea! Easy peasy party and really cute gift! :)

Lauren said...

How fun!! What a great idea!!! :)

Joey said...

I'm so glad my little girl had fun! Good job babe!

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