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Monday, November 8, 2010

Last night was disappointing, to say the least. I wait all year for football season and then to see this?? UGH! I just can't take it. I actually went to sleep (on purpose) after our first possession in the 2nd half. It was just too painful to watch.

Therefore, I'm taking recommendations for a new team (if only for the remainder of the 2010 season). I love football, but it's just no fun to cheer for a team that has absolutely no hope of winning.

So, who should I cheer for? Who should I shift my allegiance to?

My only stipulation is that is can not be an NFC East team. Even though I'm fed up my Cowboys, I could never bring myself to cheer for the Redskins (sorry Dina!), Giants (no can do, Megan!), or Eagles (Does anyone like the Eagles?). It's just not gonna happen. Oh, and that will also eliminate the Colts, as I can not stomach the Mannings. (Sorry LauraAnn. Don't hate.)

Oh, and it needs to be a team that is televised in San Antonio. Maybe I should just make the obvious choice - the other Texas team? I mean, it would almost be like supporting the Cowboys, except the Texans at least have a chance, right?

Honestly, I'm just not sure about which team to pick. Since I've been such a loyal Cowboys fan, I've grown to despise ALL OTHER NFL TEAMS. It's just what I do. But I suppose I'll have to un-despise one of those teams. I need football!

So, what do you think? Who should I start cheering for?


Butter said...

As a true Cowboys fan you should join the Tank In 2K10 campaign and simply pull for whoever the Cowboys are playing so as to inflict the ultimate embarrassment on Jerry Jones which should ultimately lead to real change.

The LaJeunesse Family said...

Girl, Matt has been a die hard Dolphins fan his entire life. Even though they royally sucked for so many years, he couldn't bring himself to change! Now they are ten times better than they used to be. I'm sure they will come around!

Megan said...

The NY Giants!! Duh!! :-)

Tiffany said...

I, personally, am a Steelers fan. This year there haven't been as many televised games, though. You could always move your love to Saturday and cheer for the Horned Frogs! :)

Beth said...

I say go for the Falcons...thier kicking butt and taking names. :D

AmandaG said...

For all that is holy, do not cheer for the Texans! Keep cheering for the 'boys! My husband is a SF 49ers fan and is LOVING how bad the Cowboys are doing. Not fun. When not cheering for Dallas, I usually cheer for whichever Manning is playing or Green Bay. The Saints are always on TV too.

Brandy said...

Give up on NFL. College football is where it's at!! Particularly Boise State Broncos ;-)

Melissa said...

It's sad really! My heart hurts every week watching the Boys blow it. Although the Cowboys are my first team, The TN TItans are my second team since i live in TN. They're playing great this year!!

Isabelle said...

Ok I can't even believe you're asking?!?!?! Seriously Steph, Joey already joined! Pus you can watch the games online.... GOOOOOOO PAAAAATTTTTTS

Oh and to Megan, the Giants??? Reallly.... i'm going to have to not like you lol You know the other Manning plays for them right???

LauraAnn said...

Haha! You crack me up. But I really think you should listen to my reasoning of why you should still pick the Colts......

A.) Just because you don't like one player doesn't mean you can't support a team.

B.) Melvin Bullitt is a Texas boy (went to college at A&M).....granted he is injured at the moment but shouldn't be a concern for the moment.

C.) We beat the Giants and the Redskins which are in the NFC East which in turn helps the Cowboys out. If we hadn't been playing our hospital team we would have beat the Eagles as well.

D.) We aren't in your division or the NFC so we won't really compete with the Cowboys unless we both met in the Super Bowl.

E.) You would still be wearing blue. Blue and white instead of blue and silver.

F.) What is not to love about Indianapolis?!? Wonderful city, good people, fun team, home to a wonderful blogger named LauraAnn, etc, etc, etc.
(Haha....maybe a little vain....lol)

So, I hope you will reconsider your choice of back-up teams after reading through my arguments. Granted, I think after Sundays performance you are back with your Cowboys. But just in case they decide to stumble again in the future. ;-)

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