Weekend recap

Monday, October 25, 2010

This weekend was one for the books.  At least recent books, since I got to spend all day on Saturday with Joey.  But we'll get to that in a minute.

First, let's start with Friday.  I spent Friday evening doing what I enjoy most (on Fridays) - catching up on my DVR.  Ashton was watching a movie upstairs, and Taylor spent the night up the street, so I basically had no responsibility.  And let me tell you, I soaked it up in all of its glory. 

And I was asleep by 9:30.

I'm old.

On Saturday, we had a showing at the house at 8:30 in the morning.  Who goes house hunting at 8:30 on Saturday morning? Crazy people, that's who.  And crazy people who don't even want to buy my house!

Not cool.  Not cool at all.

Joey had gone to his moms to sleep when he got off work Saturday morning (at 3am) so he wouldn't have to get up and leave like the rest of us.  When he came home around noon, so began the best day ever.  My mom came a got the kids and they spent the night with my parents.  Joey and I decided to go look at furniture, and other than they extremely annoying sales person at our first stop, we enjoyed just looking around and being together.  This was a nice treat, since he would normally have been at work.

We had a surprise party for a dear friend later that night (which is why Joey wasn't working) and we had such a good time!  Rich was completely surprised and Susan did a fabulous job pulling off a great party.

(Rich & Susan from a few years back.  But they look exactly the same, so pretend this is from Saturday.)

We stayed out entirely too late, and had maybe a few too many glasses of wine, but it was a great night.  It's been a long time since I've been able to spend a Saturday night with my husband and great friends.

Sunday morning came a bit too early, and we had another showing at the house, so we had to be gone by 10:30. Joey's mom took us to lunch (since my parents had the kids) at The Yard.  Ever been there?  Pretty cool place, I think.  After I orchestrated the perfect child hand-off (which only means I convinced my mom to meet me halfway so I didn't have to drive all the way to her house), we headed home for a nap.

Unfortunately I never fell asleep, but at least I got to relax and do nothing, so it wasn't all lost.

How about you?  Did you enjoy time with friends this weekend?  Or a lazy weekend full of DVR'd TV?  Or maybe both, like me?


Melissa said...

I'm glad you got to enjoy your nigh out with joey!!

Lauren said...

Girl, my butt didn’t leave the couch all Friday night while catching up on my TV!!!! Haha!! Solidarity, sister!!! :)

Annie said...

sounds like a perfect weekend! :) i know how it is to cherish the little bit of time with your man. my guy pretty much works opposite hours of me.
i had my laziest weekend ever, including super long naps both saturday and sunday. i loved it!

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