Weekend recap

Monday, October 18, 2010

When Izzy comes to town, we don't mess around.  We have a tendency to pack about a months worth of activities into just a few short days.

Here's the run down so far:

  • It's a tradition to go out for BBQ on the night that she arrives.  They don't have brisket in Canada (for shame!), so when we introduced her to the brisket sandwich on her first visit, there was no turning back.
  • They also don't have Target in Canada (how do they live under such conditions??) so that, too, is also a must.
  • FYI, Old Navy is right by Target, so, um, yeah... we made that stop as well.
  • Since Izzy loves to cook and most of the time we can't keep her out of the kitchen, we also had to make a grocery run to load up on all the necessities.
Please note that all of this occurred on Friday evening between the hours of 6 and 9pm.  I KNOW!

On Saturday we had a showing scheduled at the house and had to be out by 9:15.

  • We mad a run to HEB to get allergy medicine for Izzy.  Dear Lord, please don't let her be allergic to San Antonio.  
  • Then we hit up Charming Charlie (which they also do not have in Canada).  It was amazing and the angels sang.
  • Taylor was such a trooper while Izzy, Ashton, and I tore up the accessory store that I promised him I'd get him a treat.  So we made another stop at Target to get my buddy some Pokemon cards.  He was happy.
  • Now, it's time to eat. I took Izzy to Cosi, and again, as we ate the tomato basil soup, the angels sang.
  • We had an appointment at 1 to make our final selections for the new house, so we knocked that out before heading out to a friends house for a reunion of sorts.
  • We have some dear friends that moved about 7 hours away almost 6 years ago.  They were in town for a seminar, so one of our friends gathered everyone at their house for a little reunion.  It was a great time of hanging, eating, chatting, eating, laughing, and eating some more.
 (Me and Cori.  She and I had babies on the same day and then our kiddos celebrated their first bdays at a joint party before they moved.  Love this girl!)

  • We hung out there until after 8, when Izzy and I both seriously weighed the option of just staying the night since we were likely to pass out anyway.  In the end, we decided to head home and promptly went to bed.  (Well, after I made some tequila-lime chicken.)
Are you tired yet?  Because we were exhausted! Which is exactly why we pledged to do absolutely nothing on Sunday.

  • We slept in then Izzy made crepes for the kids and I made pumpkin bread.
  • We should have ended there, but instead, I did crossfit with Izzy and almost died.  Literally.  It was traumatizing and I don't want to talk about it.
  • Once I started to breath again and stopped feeling like I was going to vomit, we got ready for the day.  Which included stretchy pants and t-shirts, rough hair, and no make-up.  It was glorious.
  • Joey grilled the chicken and then, again, the angels sang when Izzy made the best nachos on the face of the planet.

  • She also made the best guac EVER to put on the nachos.
  • Did I mention that the angels sang?
  • I suppose I should also mention that the angels did NOT sing when the Cowboys bent over and took it up the rear.  (Sorry, I'm not usually that vulgar, but really?  Did you see the game?  I'm just not sure how else to describe it.)
  • After the game, Izzy made some fabulous banana muffins with some VERY ripe bananas that were in my freezer.
  • Then we played make-up.  Hey, who says you can't play make-up after you turn 30?  Not me.
  • We skyped with our friend Margie and then went to bed.

I'm exhausted (again) after typing all this, so I think I'll just go home and go back to bed.

How was your weekend?  Did you cram as much into yours as we did with ours?


Lauren said...

So fun! Sounds like a weekend with great friends and great food!! :)

Tiffany said...

Fun! Looks like y'all had a great weekend :)

The LaJeunesse Family said...

You so needed this weekend!!! I'm so glad ya'll had so much fun! And can you FedEx me some of those nachos? That would be fantastic! :)

Mighty M said...

Wow - we did a lot but nowhere near THAT much!! Glad you made the most of it! :)

Isabelle said...

You forgot to talk about my Patriots winning in OT and our nice relaxing chat with margaritas on Friday!

I love you Steph


Melissa said...

I might be drooling right about now over those nachos! I cannot believe she doesn't have brisket OR Target! Glad you enjoyed yourself!!

The Shabby Princess said...

That sounds like a pretty awesome weekend. Except the whole Cowboys losing thing. Sigh. Hopefully our Texas Rangers can bring it home tomorrow!

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