Un-neighborly neighbors.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We have these neighbors.

They moved in next door to us about 3-4 months ago and initially, they seemed nice.  We chatted out front while they were moving in, and then again when their dog ran into our garage, and then briefly when I dropped off some fresh, home made cinnamon rolls.

What can I say?  I was channeling my inner Bree Van de Kamp.

Since then?  Well, they've turned into the most anti-social neighbors we've ever had the pleasure of living right next door to.

For example, when they leave their house, they get in the car (in the garage), open the garage, start the car, and then speed away.  Who does this?  I mean, you can't even open the garage before you close yourself up in your car?

And then get this: One day Joey was out front when the wife came home.  He saw her from up the street, speeding like a crazy person. She opened her garage, sped inside, and closed the garage door so fast that it actually closed on her car!  Sheesh lady!!

Then last weekend, Joey was heading to work and he said that the husband almost ran him off the road speeding down our street!  Joey said he had to literally pull up onto the curb to keep him from hitting him.

This is crazy, no?

To make matters worse, there are a lot of kids on our street and they're always playing down in the cul-de-sac (right in front of our house).  Our neighbors don't have kids, but I do!

So yesterday, Joey did something I would never have the guts to do.  He was in the garage when our neighbor sped down the street into his garage and immediately closed it behind him.  Joey was so furious when I pulled up that he walked next door and rang the doorbell.

(Um, cue panic attack!  Literally, my heart was racing and I had to go inside.  I wanted Joey to talk to him, but it made me so nervous when he actually did! LOL)

Anyway, Joey said it actually went well.  They shot the breeze, then Joey asked him if we had done anything to offend them, to which he said no.  (Surely my cinnamon rolls weren't that bad!)  And then Joey asked him if he and his wife could please slow down so they don't run over our children.

Hopefully that will work.

And for the record, I will not be taking them any more cinnamon rolls.


The LaJeunesse Family said...

We have neighbors that are very similar. Hard for us to understand because we are social, like to hang outside kind of people!

Anonymous said...

Your husband did the right thing for sure. Hopefully things get straightened out.

Jenster said...

yay joey!!! my ex boyfriend is the same way, minus the speeding....so anti social.

Lauren said...

And that’s why husband’s are there, to do the dirty work, haha!!! Talk about anti-social!!!

Melissa said...

My next door neighbors are very similar. It actually kind of amuses me. They don't park in their garage but they rush in and out of their house. I actually didn't know they had children for the first few months I lived there. They never even let their kids out to play. Dustin and I joke sometimes that they must be vampires or something! Ha!

Kelly and Sara said...

I would hope my husband would do the same. Let us know if they slow down.

Brown Girl said...

Glad he said something to them. just bring those Cinnamon rolls to our house and we'll take care of them for you.

Annie said...

jeez...i'm glad he said something to them!! they sound a bit dangerous! hopefully they slow down so no one gets hurt.

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