Target practice.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yesterday was Izzy's last day in town and we had plans to go to the Academy for target practice.  Izzy had never shot a gun before, so Joey was going to teach her.

Our instructor - the hot hubby.

Yeah, um... see that target with all the bullet holes in the head and chest?  I might suggest that if Izzy has a gun, you should stay away.  She's dang good!!

Then there was me.

Don't laugh.  But you can most likely be assured that if I have a gun?  Yeah, you'll be totally fine.

After the shooting range, we thought Izzy needed one last taste of San Antonio, so we went out for Mexican food and margaritas.  Mid-dinner, we had an impromptu photo shoot.

We had a great dinner just enjoying our last night together.  Izzy is so special to our family and the kids absolutely adore her.  I'm so thankful for technology - email, texts, skype - because it makes Canada seem so much closer to Texas.

(Please excuse the blurry photo.  This is what happens when you ask a restaurant patron, who has maybe had one too many, to take your pic. LOL)

See?  She fits right in!

Izzy, we had so much fun and are so blessed by your friendship.  Thanks for spending your vacation with us!


Melissa said...

I shot a gun one time. I was terrible and it kinda freaked me out some. Dustin's been wanting to take me back though!

Mighty M said...

My brother in law (a police officer) LOVES taking people to the shooting range.

Looks like you had an amazing time with your friend!

ty said...

This is so fun! Love shooting guns :) You have a new follower!

Annie said...

cute pictures!! looks like you had a lot of fun with your bestie :)love the family pic, you have such a cute family!! your kids are so cute!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oh that is so much fun! and great pics :) I laughed at the play by play! we had an old friend, special ops in the marines, take a bunch of us out shooting, or to teach most of us how to shoot, tons of different guns, it was so much fun! Hubby still laughs that I was in a white (cheap! :)) puffy coat down on the ground shooting an M16, haha! I need to find that pic :) Glad y'all had such a great little "vacay"!

Jenni said...

Bahahahaha this is awesome, made me smile!! :)

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