When we all get to Heaven.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Last week we got word that my grandmother (my dad's mom, who we call Mama - pronounced Maw-Maw) had fallen and broken her hip.  While she was in the ER, they did an MRI and also found that at some point, she had suffered a fairly significant stroke, as well.

It has been just over a year since she came down to visit.

(Mama and I - August 2009)

Thursday evening, my dad and I loaded up to head to Amarillo to spend some time with Mama. We finished our drive on Friday morning and got to the hospital around noon.  We were both worried that she wouldn't recognize or remember us, but to our surprise, she did!  She called us both by name and was so happy to see us.

(Mama and my dad, her baby.)

(Mama and me)

She even recognized the kids from a video message I brought with me.

My dad and I enjoyed sitting and talking with Mama for quite a while. The rest of the Amarillo clan showed up after lunch and I was happy to get a picture of everyone with Mama.

(Left to right: My dad's brother Gary and his wife, Doris. Dad's sister Cathy, Dad, my brother, Jason, Cathy's husband Willie, Cathy & Willie's daughter, my cousin Angie.  Then there's Mama, of course.)

Saturday morning, Mama was scheduled to be transferred to a rehab facility. Before the transfer, my dad, my brother, and I sat and talked with her. She wanted us to tell her some stories, so we talked about a trip that Jason (my brother) and I had taken, by ourselves, to see her and Papa when we were little. We talked about things we remembered about Papa - she really enjoyed talking about Papa (he passed away over 20 years ago). She misses him dearly and quite often would mention that she knows he's waiting with Jesus to receive her into heaven.

While visiting with her at the rehab facility on Saturday, all of the sudden she started singing, "When we all get heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be!"  There's so much peace is the face of passing when you know exactly what will happen.  Amen?  That's what Mama would say, "AMEN!"  We prayed together a lot, read the Bible together, and confirmed our love for each other and Jesus.  And all the while, Mama would shout, "AMEN!"

Although it makes me very sad to realize that Jesus may be calling her home sooner than we all had hoped, I have such peace knowing that Mama is ready.  She talked a lot about it.  Mama is such an example to us all.  She knows her time here on earth is limited, but she spent so much time in these last two days concerned about the fate of the people around her.  And I'm not just talking about her family.  She was concerned about the nurses and hospital staff, wanting to be sure that they knew Jesus.  She has touched so many people while here on earth and I know that Jesus won't call her home until all her work here is done.

Mama has certainly lived a life worthy of the calling and all I can hope for now is that when I grow up, I can be just like her!


Mighty M said...

I am so glad you got to spend this time with her - good for all of you!

Twincerely,Olga said...

what a beautiful post!!! so glad you have been able to spend time with her! she is beautiful and you resemble her alot!stop by

Tara Gibson said...

what a beautiful post. So glad you got spend such a great time with her.

Lauren said...

This post brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful woman she is!!!

Jenster said...

firstly....dang you are a pretty girl!! secondly....how very sad. your past and present pictures touched my heart and made me realize how quickly life goes by. so glad you were able to spend well needed time with her for her and for yourself.

5th Belle Avenue said...

Ohhh I am praying for your precious mama! What a sweet, encouraging time it must have been to see her contagious joy for life and to watch her praise Jesus in the midst of everything going on. Hugs to you and your sweet family during this time!

Adrienne said...

So sorry to hear that about your Mama! My heart goes out to you and your family! Cherish these days with her! My Mama (also pronounced Maw-Maw) passed several years ago and I can't tell you what I'd give to spend another day with her! :)

scargosun said...

What a wonderful post and a lovely way to give props to your Mama. I love knowing that she wanted to spend her time making sure everyone knows about Jesus. She must have so much love in her heart.

Rachel said...

Aw sweet girl! Praying hard for her. What a beautiful life she had...and what a precious message she is still living to tell! I know it's so hard on you and your family. You'll be in my prayers...and thank you for the reminder of the joyous day when we are all worshiping at our Father's feet!

LauraAnn said...

Awe Stephanie! I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother! I will definitely keep her in my prayers.

At the same time, I am happy that you were able to spend valuable time with her! Your Grandma sounds like a very sweet woman!

My Grandpa passed away less than a month ago. He had such a strong faith in God. Clear up to his dying day he insisted on having a daily devotion read to him along with a prayer at the end. After he passed, I had to keep reminding myself that he lived such a long wonderful life and is now where he ultimately wanted to end up.....in Heaven with Jesus. Stay strong!

Megan said...

Sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking of mama singing and praising Jesus. Hope she is healing nicely.

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