Weekend, schmeekend.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I feel like I've been going a hundred miles a minute for the last week, with no sign of anything slowing down.

Friday, the kids spent the night at my parents (and Joey was working) so I had great plans - well thoughts, at least - of going home and doing absolutely nothing.  Did that happen?  No.  Instead I stopped by Wal-Mart to grab some organizing items and went home to clean out/organize my pantry.

Lately, I'm completely incapable of doing nothing.

Saturday, I woke up and decided to do my grocery shopping while the kids were gone and Joey was sleeping.  I had big plans for baking, so I needed to pick up the necessities.  Once Joey woke up, we were off to look at lots for our new house.  That was fun, but everything is so stressful.  All the pieces have to line up just right, and I'm constantly worried that the other shoe could drop at any moment and crush my dreams.

Yes, I'm being a bit dramatic - and driving Joey absolutely nuts - but I can't help it.

Then I picked up the kiddos from my mom and headed back out to the new house to grab something I had left.  The kids were excited to see the lot, so that was fun.

After that we headed home and I stayed in the kitchen all night.  No kidding!  I had a craving for pumpkin bread and my dad had been dropping not-so-subtle hints about wanting some cinnamon rolls, so that's what I did.  I made enough pumpkin bread for Joey to take to the station, too. I hope they liked it!  I also Skyped with my very good friend Izzy, for the first time.  I have never Skyped before and it was so fun!  Me in Texas, Izzy in Canada.  Who'd a thought?!?

I tried to sleep in on Sunday, but my mind is always racing with all the things I think we need to get done before putting the house on the market, so instead of sleeping, I was up working in the yard and cleaning out the 4th bedroom.  Later in the afternoon, Joey perfected the yard and now it looks amazing!  Score one for curb appeal!

Then came the worst, most stressful part of my entire weekend: The Cowboys game.  Now let me tell you, I'm no fair-weather fan, but I am a realist, and I have to say, I'm just about sick of all the hype when there is absolutely nothing to back it up.  Sure, we had a few good plays, and yeah, Roy Williams finally caught a pass.  But seriously??  It was pathetic.  That's all I have to say about that.

And here we are today.  We're meeting with the realtor tonight, so say a little prayer, would you?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!  I'm praying that my pumpkin-bread-baking will bring more Fall-like weather, but I won't hold my breath.


Lauren said...

Sounds like your house was smelling good with all that baking going on!!!

Natalie said...

Hey! Just found your blog and its awesome! Look forward to following you! and I was just thinking about cooking pumpkin bread today, I am so ready for fall!!

Drew's Mom said...

Oh we sure love our pumpkin bread too! The recipe I use right now makes 3 loaves so there's always plenty. And I love the way our house smells after.
Good luck with the house!

LauraAnn said...

Sounds like you had a busy, but productive weekend! I really could use a productive weekend....just never seems to happen! lol

And girl, I am the same way about my Colts as you are about your Cowboys. Sundays game made me so mad. I wouldn't allow my husband to watch Mike and Mike in the Morning the next day because I didn't want to listen to them over analyze/scrutinize every little thing. We had a bad game, we played like crap therefore we lost....but it's only one game.....end of discussion! lol

Lindsay said...

so excited for you and the new house! i hope that everything goes smoothly and that your current house sells quickly...i know how hard it is to sell a house. (just sold ours in march) good luck!

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