MHR Friday

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's been a while since my last MHR (My Husband Rocks) post, but as I've stated before, that certainly doesn't mean that he hasn't been worthy.  It only means that I've been lazy.  And busy.  And did I mention lazy?

This week, though, I've got a good one for you!

I posted recently about my new found love for home decorating/improvements.  One of the first projects that I wanted to tackle was framing our bathroom mirrors.  We've lived with "builder-grade" for over 8 years now and I've finally had all I can take.  So I scoured the web and searched tons of decorating blogs until I thought I had everything I needed to know.  I made a trip to Home Depot to gather my supplies and set out to accomplish my first home improvement.

I wish I had pictures of how it turned it out, but just use your imagination based on these two words: MAJOR FAIL.  My painting job was horrible, the glue that I read about on a blog did NOT work, and everything fell off the mirror.

It was good times.

Enter my fabulous husband.  He suggested that I try again with the paint and then helped me hang the frame.  And then it looked amazing.

Since I had used the guest bath as my testing grounds, my next project was the master bathroom.  I bought more trim, more paint (spray paint this time) and got busy making my cuts with the miter saw.  Everything was going great - and looking great - until I tried to hang the trim.  This time I was using my hot glue gun, as someone else had suggested - and that did not work.  Long story short, I made another mess and ended up having to scrap glue off of my mirror and sand the backs of the trim.

I was frustrated, but I wasn't giving up.

Enter my wonderful husband.  Again.

Wednesday, I came home to this:

(Our next project will be to replace that ugly light fixture.)

And this:

Now, you'll have to scroll back up to the first pic to see the difference in the guest bath, but he actually took the frame down (because it was coming off anyway) and repainted it.  The original color that I used was too  light for me, but what I used in the master bath was a really dark espresso, which I loved.  So he repainted the guest bath frame in the espresso color then rehung it.  And it looks so much better!

Do you notice what else he did?  Yep.  He replaced the ugly builder-grade light fixture!  He had actually attempted to do this the day before but once he got it hung, we realized that it was WAY off center because the builder didn't bother to center the electrical box.  These things completely stress Joey out, so I told him not to worry about it and I would figure it out.   

(Although I was completely serious about not wanting to stress him out over it, I had no idea how I was going to figure this out myself. Luckily, I didn't have to.)

I was so shocked when I came home to find that he had done all of this work, by himself, without me even asking him to do it.  He loves me so much! 

Thanks baby for doing this for me.  I love you more than you know.


Jenster said...

awe steph!!! you two are the best couple in the whole wide world.

Joey said...

you welcome... even though I had to make 3 trips to the hardware store, and it took all day... did I mention 3 trips? lol love you too.

Lauren said...

So sweet and looks GREAT!! :)

MamaMia said...

I'm going to have to get the scoop from you because I too have been living with builder-grade for 12 years. And although we have spent the last five making changes, I have yet to get to the bathrooms upstairs. One of the changes I wanted to make was to frame the mirrors. Yours look great! And, amazing what a nice light fixture can do, eh?!

Amber said...

What a great hubby! Seriously - make that man a good dinner! :) I love it when hubby surprises me with thought acts of service!

Melissa said...

Wow!! It looks great!!

smile steady said...

Gah, he really does rock! And your bathrooms look great!

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