Change of heart.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For the last few years (ever since we got a dog), our cat, Leah, had been, um, anti-social. She's always been a sweet cat, but when the dog came along, she sort of disappeared. She would go outside, come back in, go straight to Ashton's room, then do it all again when necessary.  For some reason, Ashton's room (her bed, to be exact) is the only place she would go.

She wouldn't pay any attention to anyone else.

Well, we found a new home for our dog about a month ago, and just in the last couple of weeks, our cat has had a change of heart. We've found her laying on the couch on more than one occasion, she's been in our room a few times, and just last night, she pawed on our bedroom door until we opened it. Then, get this, she came right in and jumped up our bed.

Oh, and let's not forget the presents she brought us!

I think we've been forgiven for the "dog" era.  Leah is back to ruling the house.


Mighty M said...

Haha! Cats love to be in charge! :)

Rebecca Watson said...

cute blog!! ADORABLE CAT1

Jenster said...

awe, sweet leah. my cat is going through the same issue with the new dog we have. kit, the cat loves my two 10 year old dogs but the small dog we recently adopted just wants to chase kit all the time. i really pray that kit eventually gives the dog a good swat and ends the chasing madness.

Grand Pooba said...

Cats are so funny :)

Mrs. Bear said...

Aww glad kitty is back to normal. I bet she was just jealous someone else was getting all the attention.

Melissa said...

Cats are definitely like that!! That's so funny!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

awww shes super sweet!!

LauraAnn said...

I am not a cat person normally but there are certain cats that I come across that just make me smile and love their personalities. Your cat is one of those cats! I love that she has now forgiven you for the dog era! She is definitely cute and apparently a great hunter! lol

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