Product placement.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last night I was watching my DVR'd recording of Days of our Lives.  I've actually resorted to recording it and watching it at night, since summer TV suckity sucks!

Anyway, as I'm watching, one of the characters begins eating a Hershey's Bliss chocolate.  The bag is strategically placed in order to get the maximum product placement possible.  As if that wasn't bad enough, her TV husband walks in the room and says, "What are you eating?"  She replies, "Hershey's Bliss.  Do you want one?  They're so creamy and indulgent!"

Ok, really?  Must you be so blatant with your sell-out? 

And this wasn't the first time I'd seen this on my soap.  Last week, one of the characters was eating Chex Mix (with the bag, again, strategically placed).  When describing it to her lover (ugh!) who had never partaken of Chex Mix before, she said "It's a delightful crunchy and salty snack!"

Did you just throw up your mouth a bit?  I did.  I mean, I love Chex Mix just as much as the next guy, but really?  "Delightful crunchy and salty?"

And yes, I know that soaps are cheesy as it is, but it's gotten to the point, especially with the current story line, that I'm beginning to wonder if it should be categorized as comedy.  LOL.

Do you watch a soap?  Which one?


Grand Pooba said...

Ugh product placement in tv shows and movies drives me crazy!

I never got into soaps, maybe if I worked at night and was home during the day I'd probably be addicted to them just like I'm addicted to the real housewives shows!

Jenster said...

not addicted to daytime soaps at all. i, do, however, love the housewives shows on bravo ( new jersey, new york, orange county ). i loved the hills on mtv too but they have stopped filming ( drats, i loved re-creating the clothing styles too ).

Sweet Simplicity said...

Oh goodness. I'm sure they are getting a good deal in exchange for that product placement.

Melissa said...

Of my gosh, that is so incredibly corny!!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Haha! I have never seen such a blatant add in a show like that before - they must be really hurting for money! Wow! Also.. so glad you tried and liked the chicken :) It's a regular favorite in our house, and I love how easy it is to make.

Meghan said...

Wow - I don't think I've ever see product placement THAT obvious! I don't watch soaps, but I do love the 90210 re-runs on Soapnet:)

California Wife said...

I don't watch Soaps, but have seen lots of other shows doing this as well! It's so obnoxious!

Amber said...

I don't watch any soaps (I remember my mom watching them when I was younger) - but I bet their are getting money from companies to on air advertising for them. With so many people fast forwarding through commercials with DVR companies have to get advertising in somehow. But I agree - it's cheesy!

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