Happy Birthday Mom!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

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I love my momma so much!  I'm so thankful for our relationship and how close we've become over the years.

I have such great memories of the things that my mom and I have done together.  When I was little, and we lived in South Carolina, every Saturday she would take me to the big city to go shopping.  We didn't always by something (I don't think), but we always went.

Then there was our mother/daughter road trip back to SC, after living in Texas for many years.  We had so much fun!

There are the countless trips we've taken to Houston.  In fact, we're in Houston now!  Just me, my momma, and my kiddos.  Mom is always up for a road trip!

Which is why she was totally up for going to Amarillo with me and the kids a few Christmas' back.  A 9+ hour road trip with children.  My mother is a saint.

Aside from all the road trips, one of the other things that always comes to mind when I think about my mom is the pool.  She loves to swim!  When I was little, she and I would go to the community pool all the time.  Even when there was no pool in our subdivision, she would always find some place for us to swim.  And she can float on her back for hours!  Literally.  She's pretty talented.

My mom also passed down her beautiful singing voice to me.  I love my dad dearly, but I did not get my voice from him.  (And bless his heart.  He loves to sing!)  Unfortunately for mom, she's been unable to pass down her love for scrapbooking.  She almost succeeded when I was engaged, newly married, and then had a new baby, but then I gave up.  And she still loves me (and reads my blog daily).

Mom, I love you dearly.  Thanks for being so wonderful.  I hope you have a fabulous, fun-filled birthday (month - she likes to extend her celebration as long as possible).

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Mrs. Bear said...

Happy birthday to your momma!

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