Let's chat: Moms VS. Dads

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I was driving to work this morning, listening to K-LOVE (a nationally syndicated Christian radio station), when I heard a discussion about Father's Day.

The DJ was speaking to dads and said (something like), "Maybe you're feeling down about Father's Day.  If you're discouraged, maybe because you feel like you haven't always done what you should as a dad, or any reason that you may be discouraged, listen to what our special guest has to say."

The guest went on to talk about how some dads are absentee, abusive, etc. and how they can change their ways and be a more Godly father.

Now, I don't have any problem with people improving themselves, correcting mistakes, and trying to be a better person, but why is it that this is what they talk about in reference to Father's Day?  Isn't Father's Day supposed to be a day where we celebrate our dads and not a day where we remind them of their failures?

We don't seem to ever talk about dead-beat moms on Mother's Day, do we?  No.  It's all about how wonderful our moms are, how much they do for us, and showering them with affection and gifts, right?

So why the double standard with Father's Day? 

I, for one, have a wonderful dad.  He's always gone above and beyond to provide for our family.  He's a wonderful example of God's love and I love him dearly.  I'm blessed to have such a great, close relationship with my dad and for me, Father's Day will be about celebrating this.

I love you daddy!


Melissa said...

That is a double standard. There are just as many bad moms out there. But that is sad. It's a day where everyone should be talking about all wonderful their dad is and how much he's done for his family!

Butter said...

Right on sis!

Aubrey said...

I totally agree. I remember being at church a few years ago and the guest speaker grew up without a father and went on and on about how fathers can be better. I was like, really...why are we not praising our fathers? Can't we do this, "dad's rebuild themselves" some other time. Thank you for noticing that. You should send your blog post in to K-Love.

Isabelle said...

So true! I was blessed with the best dad ever! Father's day is about letting him know me and my sis think he did an amazing job!

Annie said...

very true!! i'm so thankful for my pops! he is the best :)
cute pic of you and your dad!!

kanishk said...

i was blessed with the best dad ever!

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Rachel said...

What a great post. I had never thought of it like this, but you're very true.

PS...I love listening to KLOVE!

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