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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm not sure what's come over me lately.  I'm cooking (with yeast!).  I'm decorating.  No one can believe it.  Especially me!

But, since I'm doing it, I might as well share it.

I told you all before about Ashton's room and how we bought a new bed for her.  Well, in case you don't know, it's impossible for me to do anything halfway.  So a new bed meant new bedding, meant new paint, meant decluttering, meant new curtains.

Are you with me?

Here's what we started with:

Before she had the comforter that's on the bed in this pic, she had a double bed with a really nice white comforter.  It had big flowers on it just like what we painted on the wall.  It looked great and I was so proud.  Then she wanted more room, so we downsized to a daybed (that we found on Craig's List) and had to get new bedding.  It was cute when we bought it, but it didn't last nearly as long as we had it.  (I was so ready to get rid of it!)

Here's what we have now:

We knew we wanted to upsize back to a double bed, so Ashton picked out the comforter set and we got to work.  We found the bed and painted it white to match the rest of her furniture.  Then we started painting her room.

I don't mind painting, but what I do mind is cleaning the brushes and rollers.  And when you paint over the course of 3 days, there's a lot of cleaning to be done. 

I am so thankful that Joey helped with the painting, though.  He painted the entire ceiling in about 45 minutes.  And he hates to paint!  (But he loves me.)

Once the room was painted, we put everything back in it's place.  I had ordered Ashton some curtains to match her new room and she was so excited!  She's been wanting curtains for a long time, but I was just too lazy to get any.  I also ordered a big purple shag rug (which you can see the corner of in the bottom left of the pic).

Overall, I'm so pleased with how everything turned out.  Ashton absolutely loves it, and that's really all that matters.


Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes said...

Never knew your daughter's name was Ashton! First time I've heard it for a girl - love it. xxSAS

The LaJeunesse Family said...

Girl you did an amazing job! I love love love it!!!

Amy Lynn said...

It looks great! What a difference. I'm sure she's VERY excited, I know I would be!

Beth said...

Wow what a great transformation. Good job, and I love the colors. :D

Jenster said...

wow....looks fantastic!!!!!! allyn wants to paint her room too when i go on vacation in august. she's got two windows to cover, so i may opt to make the curtains instead. i will have to take pics like you did too. you are an inpsiration....thanks!!!

Melissa said...

Her room is so cute now! I love it!!

The Shabby Princess said...

So fun! And so grown up! Ahh!

Mrs. Buck said...

what a lucky girl - the room looks great! I'm jealous!

Sweet Simplicity said...

It looks so grown up! I bet that makes you kinda sad. Great job!

Virginia Belle said...

It looks fantastic! You did such a great job :)

Lauren said...

It looks great!! I remember transitioning from "little girl" room to "preteen" room, and my mom wouldn't let me pick anything out that I liked... I wound up with a Laura Ashley-infested nightmare... I am sure Ashton loves it and is thrilled she got to help decorate!

Lishak said...

You guys did an awesome job! I love the colors and the bed is gorgeous!

Mrs. Classic said...

Oh girl! Next time throw the dirt brush or roller into a plastic bag and then the fridge and you can use it again the next day without cleaning or ruining your brush. The rooms looks great!

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