Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm sure some of you have seen this public service announcement around before, but I thought I'd resurrect it since I have quite a few new followers.

Here's the scoop:

We all know that when someone leaves a comment on our blogs, we receive the comment via an email notification. (Well, I assume you all have your settings that way.) A lot of the time when I receive comments, I like to reply to the comment via email. 'Cuz let's face it, no one ever goes back to a posts that you've commented on, opens up the comments, and checks to see if anyone replied via comment to anything you wrote, right?


So, in order for people to be able to respond to your comments, you have to make one minor change to the settings in your blogger profile. I'm literally begging all of you to check and be sure you have this setting correct - especially since I went along forever thinking mine was correct, when it really wasn't.  DOH!

Here is how to change the setting:

  1. From your DASHBOARD, click EDIT PROFILE, which in on the left hand side of the screen next to your profile picture.
  2. This will take you to the EDIT USER PROFILE screen.
  3. Look in the PRIVACY section.
  4. Click on the box that says, "Show my email address."
  5. In the IDENTITY section, enter in an email address (if there isn't already one there).
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on SAVE PROFILE.

This quick change to your settings will be really helpful when someone asks a question through a comment or when I want to reply in general.

Thanks peeps!  Hopefully we'll be back to regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.


California Wife said...

Now, one more tutorial I'd like you to give. As a blogger, how do you reply to people's comments in email. I love when I get an email from a blog I commented on, and it has my original comment, and then their response. For the life of me I can't figure out how to do this though... are those people just finding my email through my blog and typing an email to me, or is there a setting that allows you to respond to the writer of the comment from blogger? Does my question make sense at all?

Meanbean said...

This is good to know - I don't use Blogger, but I respond to comments on my blog, never thinking about how none of us really go back to see if there's been a response. I'm gonig to start using this feature when I can!

Melissa said...

This is a huge blogging pet peeve of mine! I HATE not being able to respond. It drives me nuts when someone asks me a question in my comment and then I can't even answer them!!

Brandy said...

Also a huge pet peeve of mine!!

Nishant said...

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