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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ashton and Taylor just started volleyball and soccer (respectively) and I LOVE to see them play.

Ashton played 3 seasons of volleyball last year, then we took a break when Joey started the Academy.  In those 3 seasons, she had really improved - I mean, she went from running from the ball, to running to the ball.  She had gotten really good and I was hoping that all of her training hadn't left her.

I must say, her training is still with her (thanks to her amazing coach!) and she is amazing!

That would be my girl, showing off her overhand serve. That would also be the ball, flying over the net.

I'm so thankful that she had the coach she did for her first 3 seasons.  She was a great coach and taught them to play correctly and didn't tell them they were good when they were doing something wrong.  I know they're kids, but if you always tell them "that's good!", whether it really is or not, how will they ever improve?

That's my question to her current coach.  No, I will never ask him that, I'll just scream from the sidelines, "stay on your feet!" and "control the ball!" and "get under the ball!"

I know, I'm the mom that everyone hates.  But I just can't watch my girl dominate the court without yelling.  I've decided that next season, maybe I should coach.  LOL.

Taylor is playing soccer this season.  He played once before about a year or so ago.  I use the word "played" loosely because the boys were all so young that is was mostly kicking the ball as hard as you could and it usually ended up out of bounds.

This year, though, they're much older and have a better concept of the game.  And they play with goalies.

See? That's my little goalie, right there.  And that's his dad who is always on the sidelines - obviously instructing Taylor to guard that goal with his life.  (Joey has a slight competitive streak.  Kind of like me.)

And he did a great job, too! He blocked 2 goals!! For only 2 practices before this game, I think that's great! I can't wait to see how he improves throughout the season. He LOVES soccer!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Too cute!

skaptain said...

looks like they're having fun, as well as you!!

Jenny.Lee said...


xoxoKrysten said...

Aw, very fun!

Mrs. Bear said...

I am SO going to be that loud mom too... it's all good. Gotta show your kiddies love and support (in moderation of course, haha. I won't be attacking other parents or anything!).

Carri said...

Congrats to both of the kids. I am like you the one who screams and does not lie to make them feel better. How will they learn if we lie about their skills, I believe to tell the truth and work from there of course saying things nicely. My kids are starting football and cheerleading this year and I can't wait something completely new for both of them. Enjoy your seasons I cant wait to enjoy our's.

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Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

aww that is so cute! and so much fun! i am going to be so into our little ones' games when they start, haha. great job to your little ones!

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