game night

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last night I thought it would be fun to have game night with the kids.

First, we tried this game:

That one didn't quite work because it's meant for ages 12 and up and the kids are 10 and under.  Ashton loves the game, but she failed to tell me that she plays the Jr. version.  Game 1: FAIL.

Next we tried this one:

This one may have worked, but I turned off the sound when we first started playing because it was annoying as heck, so it turned into all of us just staring at everyone while one player choose their cases.  Not fun.  Game 2: FAIL.

We finally ended up with a good 'ole standby:

This one worked well until one of the kids decided to make fun of the other kid and got sent to bed.  Game 3: semi-fail.

Overall, it didn't turn out that great, as you can tell.  But I'm determined to give it another try.  Any suggestions for great family games that are fun and age appropriate?  Taylor can read, so that's not an issue.  I'm thinking about getting Apples to Apples Jr. since Ashton loves it so much.  Hopefully that one will be a hit.


Mrs. Bear said...

What about Clue, Sorry, or Trouble?!

Liz said...

Ha. Semi-fail. That cracked me up. :)

Chelsi said...

Haha! I can see how Apples to Apples isn't the best for kids!!! :) It is an awesome game for adults though! Good idea to have a game night with the kids though.

Kelly said...

I love Apples to Apples!

I agree with Clue! We always played Parcheesi (sp?) and monopoly.

Amoreee said...

I Love apple to apples, but i tend to pick answers that don't really make sense and just crack me up!

Mighty M said...

UNO is always a great one....except when teasing is involved. I wish I could think of a game for you where it's not possible to have any arguing! :)

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