child labor

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Friday, Ashton got into boat-loads of trouble. Among her many punishments was helping her dad with Mimi's yard.

She actually cut Mimi's grass.

With the lawn mower.

By herself.

Then she went to the nursery with Joey to pick out some plants.

Then she planted them.

Joey told me that while she was mowing, she informed him, "Dad, I'm gonna faint!"

Hmm... I wonder if she'll remember that the next time she thinks about breaking the rules?
When I showed up after church on Sunday, she told me, "Dad's making me do illegal child labor!"

Oh girl.  You have no idea.


scargosun said...

It's only illegal if you are being paid. :)

Melissa said...

That's perfect! Kill 2 birds with one stone. Teach her a lesson and get yard work done!

Kelly said...

haha! that's funny :)

Jennifer said...

It's crazy what 15 years difference can do. yardwork is punishment when you are a kid, but a delight when you're an adult. at least for me it is! i actually like it!! haha but i remember hating it when i was a kid. hated.

Tara Gibson said...

haha so so funny!

Jenny.Lee said...

Umm I think she has to be paid in order for it to be illegal. Your safe. ;)

angie said...

My kids think I'm so mean when they have to do extra chores. I wonder how they'd survive if they actually had to do some of the chores I had to at their age. :)

Iva said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!! kids!

Carri said...

I hope she has learned her lesson. Some good manual labor is an excellent idea. I definitely need to think of that come our next punishment. Which as of late I am sure is right around the corner.

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smile steady said...

Impressive! I'm still not allowed to mow!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Haha, what a hard life, jk!!! I loved your remark :)

Jess said...

Haha illegal child labour!

LauraAnn said...

Haha! That is too funny! My SIL and I always joke that one of the reasons you have kids is to help out with the chores. lol

Just found your blog! :-)

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