who knew shopping could be a public service?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disclaimer:  This is another post about the hubs job.  If you're tired of reading about it, just skip this here lil post.

So Joey has ride-alongs all week.  Since Sunday night, I've seen him for about, um... well, I haven't.  I leave in the morning with him still in bed and he comes home to me asleep. This is definitely not the shift I would choose, but it's ok for now.

And he is so excited!  He has absolutely found his calling.  He called me on his way in today and said he so wishes he was already out on the streets.  The day goes by so fast and there's always something to do.

Then, he called me about 30 minutes after his shift had started (which, yes, almost gave me a heart attack) and said they were headed to the mall and asked if I knew where a certain store was.  Too funny!  They were headed to pick up some shoplifters and needed to know where to park.

I guess my unofficial Bachelors Degree in Shopping has paid off.  I have now served the public with my mall knowledge.  I think I'll go home now.


Jennifer said...

I'm sure he's LOVING the ride alongs right now! You can only learn so much in a classroom. And let's be real, that stuff is boring!

Katie said...

I definitely think shopping is a public service..I only wish I could get paid for it!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

haha, that is so funny! and you should probably keep up your skills a little here and there too, right? I mean it is for public service. :) that is so exciting that he LOVES what he does! so happy for him!

Joey said...

you forgot about the part where we arrested a 14 year old and 2 16 year olds... feel kinda bad about that, but the store wanted to press charges, so we had no choice. Those cute little teeny boppers will def think twice before shoplifting again.

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