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Monday, March 1, 2010

we live at the bottom of our street in the cul-de-sac where all of the kids from the street gather to play.  We don't mind because it usually keeps our kids close and all of the kids are safer because there's not much traffic to worry about.

Ashton has two girls a few houses up that she plays with frequently and taylor has three boys that he plays with just up the street.  Joey and I have come to realize, over the 8 years that we've lived on this street, that not all of us share the same values or the same parenting styles.

Case in point: Saturday night, Ashton had asked one of the girls (the oldest of the two sisters) to spend the night.  As I was driving down the street on my way home from a long day out - and looking forward to a relaxing night in - I waved at the girls mom as she drove away from her house, thinking nothing of it.  I pulled into the garage, walked into the house, and saw Ashton and the two sisters on the couch playing wii.  Yes, I said two sisters.  Only one of which was supposed to be at our house.  Mind you, their mother had just driven away from their house.

I walked into the bedroom to find Joey and inquire about what was going.  Turns out, moments before, Ashton and the girls had come into the house and Ashton asked, "Daddy," with both the girls standing by listening, "is it ok if Emily (the younger sister) stays here for a couple hours?  Her mom needs to go shopping and she doesn't have anywhere to go."

Stunned, with three little girls staring at him and no wife to lay the smack down, he reluctantly agreed.

I.was.furious.  As was he.  Not only because we were stuck, but because someone else had the audacity to put us in this position!  It was 5:30 in the evening, we hadn't eaten dinner.  Our children hadn't eaten dinner.  We had no idea if her children had eaten dinner.  It was just amazingly rude.  I just couldn't fathom ever doing that to anyone.

And to top it off, she didn't go shopping alone.  She went shopping with her live-in boyfriend.  So she pawned off her child on an unsuspecting neighbor so she could have some kid-free shopping time with her boyfriend.

WOW!  Wouldn't we all like some of that!

Oh, by the way, it was 8 o'clock before she came home.

*ETA: Because people are asking, I didn't have the chance to say anything to the mother when she picked up her daughter, because she didn't pick up her daughter!  She simply called her other daughter on her cell phone (the one that was spending the night) to tell her she was home and she could send Emily home.  No personal pick up and thank you at the door.  Nothing.  

Yeah, now you're almost as angry as I was, aren't you?


Isabelle said...

You've got to be kidding!

If you want to go shopping with Joey in early May I can babysit!!!!!

Did you tell the lady off?

Kelly said...

OMG! You've got to be kidding me! That is wrong on more than one level. What did she say when she returned?

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

oh get this: i actually confronted one of those "parents." the mom and her boyfriend would allow the oldest, a boy who was 7 at the time, to just walk over to our houses and start playing, which was way out of eyesight of their house. they had no idea where he was.
well, i had enough of it one day. the boy was across the street at my neighbors and i was outside watching the kids. i asked him where his mom was and he said she left. what the? i saw them driving down my street to theirs and actually went out into the middle of the road and stopped their vehicle. they stopped and rolled down their window and i let them have a piece of a responsible mom's mind. I told them that they cannot just leave their kid in the neighborhood assuming someone will watch him. that they were not being respectful especially if we had plans and were unable to watch their kids.
they did apologize and it never happened again.

p.s. i deleted my initial comment because i mispelled responsible. :)

Patience said...

That woman is bat shit crazy and I would happily march my happy ass over there and give her my two cents.

Sparkles N' Sports said...

The nerve of some people!! I can't imagine ever doing that, let alone not even going to the door and saying THANK YOU after leaving your kid at someone's house for hours. That would have made me furious!

Silvia said...

Some people have no shame. New to our blog and love it by the way :)

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