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Monday, February 8, 2010

I would love to update you all on the busy weekend I had, but I'm short on pics (hint, hint Mom!!) so I think I'll save that for tomorrow.  So instead of a weekend update, I thought I'd update you on Joey's progress in the academy.

This is week 20 (out of 32) in the academy and it is slated to be one.crazy.week.  Joey's time in the academy has really flown by, and I think it will only move faster from here.

Joey aced his final PT test last Thursday and I'm so proud of him!  That pretty much wraped up PT, which he is super excited about, because pretty soon they'll be moving on to the fun stuff - TACTICS!  Driving, shooting, week-long ride-alongs... Now it starts to get real.

But, before he gets into tactics, he has hell day this Thursday.  Wonder why they call it hell day?  Well, let's see... they have to be gassed 4 times, maced twice, pass/survive a 3 minute all-out MMA fight, and then run 1.5 miles.

And before that, he'll have ASP (the long batons) training tomorrow.  To pass his training, he has to survive a fight against one of the training officers - who will be pretty much trying to kill him (figuratively speaking).

Sound fun?  Yeah, not so much to me either.

Then, to end the week, he'll be working all night Friday and Saturday - one night on dispatch and the other night on a DWI ride-along.

One thing I can say is that although his training is super intense, the SAPD academy offers significantly more training than is required by law.  And for that, I'm grateful.


Melissa said...

Sounds like he will be getting some excellent training, but I do not envy him this week! Man, all that will be rough!!

meredith said...

hopefully this week will fly by! at least he'll be prepared for the real deal!

Lindsey said...

What great experience and training!

The Shabby Princess said...

Holy mother! That's intense--but, he'll be well prepared.

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