Weekend Review

Monday, January 11, 2010

This weekend was pretty uneventful.  Well, except for watching the Cowboys ANNIHILATE the Eagles.  That wasn't uneventful at all.

We watched the game with some friends that we don't see much and it was great to just chill, eat some wings, catch up, and of course, watch The Boys kick some Philly tail!!

Before the game I cleaned the house.  Well, at least the downstairs.  Don't judge.  I'm seriously missing the wonderful woman who used to clean for me every other week... and counting the days until she can come back. (Joey's graduation!!  It's my graduation present.  LOL)

I also did laundry, had rehearsal for church and watched the first Wild Card game.

Sunday, Joey and I sang/played at a starter church that our worship team is helping out with, had lunch with Joey's mom and then it was the second best part of the weekend - NAP TIME!  We got a new comforter for our bed and it is sooooo cozy it was really hard not the sleep the entire day away.

But alas, there were uniforms to iron, menus to make, and groceries to buy.  Funny thing though... when I was sitting in bed with the computer and my recipe box, Taylor came in and was complaining that he had nothing to do.  (This is a regular occurance.  He's one of those that must be entertained at all times.  LOL)  I suggested he come up in bed with me and watch some TV and rest for a bit.  He told me that he only likes funny shows and scary shows, so I flipped through the channels and found Harry Potter. Just a few minutes into it, Harry seemed to be in some trouble and Taylor said, "Momma, they're in grave danger!"

Please tell me where he comes up these things!!  Honestly, I don't care, I just love that he says things like this all time.  He keeps me laughing, that's for sure!

I was also looking forward to watching Chuck, but didn't get around to it. Joey says he's committed to too many shows already and he can't add any more to his plate so I have to watch this one alone.  It's ok, though, because we have a new CSI: Miami tonight and we both like that one!

(Please note that this post is the very reason that I don't do "weekend reviews".  I'm pretty sure you all can live without knowing about my house cleaning (or lack thereof), laundry, and grocery shopping.  If you made it this far in the post, you're a trooper!)


Jenster said...

well, i read it so i'm a trooper. i really like your new blog layout. you are so darn talented in so many ways. God has blessed the world with stephanie! have a great day!

Tara Gibson said...

yay for the cowboys! love the new layout!

Lizzy said...

GOOOO COWBOYS!!! I love your new blog look, looks awesome!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Chelsi said...

New here! Loved the Blondie post! I'll be back... I mentioned you on my last post!

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