wednesday ramblings

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I pretty much have nothing of substance, so what I give you today is simply the meaningless ramblings in my brain. 

You're welcome.

  1. The Bachelor: Ali is my favorite.  I can't believe that Vienna is still there.  It has to be some sort of ratings gig by the show because, really?  Vienna?  Is it just me, or does she look way too much like a horse?
  2. Last night when Taylor got out of the shower, I told him to come over to me because I love the smell of clean kiddos.  (The best smell ever, right?)  After I smelled his yummy hair, he wanted to smell me, then he said, "Mommy, your arm smells kind of funny but your hair smells good.  You may need to take a shower in the morning."  Thanks Taylor.
  3. Saturday, Joey has another ride-along.  He's super excited because he has the busy shift and the busiest sub-station (i.e. where all the thugs live, I suppose).  His last two ride-alongs have been less than interesting, so he's hoping for some action.
  4. Since he'll be working on Saturday, if we can arrange for childcare on Friday, Joey and I are hoping to see Edge of Darkness - the new Mel Gibson flick.  I LOVE movies like this!!  Can't wait!
  5. The Baby Gabriel story makes me very sad and extremely angry.  I simply don't understand how a mother could kill their child and throw him in a dumpster.  Crazy to think that this national story is unfolding right here in SA, but Joey heard yesterday that his class may be out at that landfill tomorrow assisting with the search.  Since the mom won't talk, I just pray that they find something.  Anything.  The rest of Baby Gabriel's family deserves to know something.
  6. I got my phone fixed!  No thanks to S*rint, who immediately told me it couldn't be fixed and tried to sell me another phone and extend my contract for 2 years.  PUNKS!  I've been a S*rint customer for YEARS... they should really focus on customer service at some point.

I probably have plenty more floating around in my head, but that should do you for today, don't you think?  Happy Wednesday!


Carri said...

I think Vienna looks like Ashley Tisdale in a weird way personally.
As for the baby gabriel story how sad. When I was pregnant with my youngest a girl we worked with was pregnant (not that anyone knew, according to police neither did she)well she had the baby Christmas Eve and disposed of it in a garbage bag under her bed. My friend refused to let me watch the news as I was pregnant and nobody wanted to upset me. Ugh just so tragic to think what is going through these woman's minds. There are way to many options then to just kill your baby. I hope the police find something to lead them to finding out the truth. Good luck to Joey on his ride along. I hope he get's some safe action.

Grand Pooba said...

Man, I really need to start watching the bachelor, I hear about it all over the blogosphere all the time!

I love your ramblings, sometimes those make the best posts!

(I left you a surprise on my little ol blog)

Mrs. Bear said...

I just found your blog and ahhh I love it! Your layout is great and so are the pictures of you and your family on the header =0)

By the way... You must go to New England for a long weekend. The fall is my favorite time... and Boston is my favorite place!!! (Well except for the small town I grew up in in CT).

prashant said...

I hope he get's some safe action.

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