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Friday, January 8, 2010

It's been a while since I told you all about how fabulous my husband is, so I think it's time.

I've told you all about how funny he is, but what I love the most about our relationship is how much fun we have.  We are constantly laughing and genuinely enjoy being together.  I love just being with him, even if it's just being in the same room while he studies.  He's my best friend.

After nearly 11 years of marriage, I'm more in love with him now than I was the day we said our vows.  Sometime people grow apart the longer they're together, but we've grown closer.

Baby, I love you more today than I did yesterday.  I'm so proud of you!  Thanks for being my best friend and always making me laugh.  I hope you have a better day today than yesterday.  And... nyum, nyum, nyum, nyum, nyum.

(yeah, that was totally an inside joke.  sorry.)

PS - what do you think of my new design?


Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

You hubby is also fairly attractive. I mean that in a totally not gay way too.

I look forward to a relationship like the one you describe.


PS, design is cool, but I cant read the posts, the font gets lost in the background. I had to hightlight it to read it.

Melissa said...

You two are so cute!! I'm loving the new look! The pictures on your header are adorable!!

Staci said...

dude, your business partner LOVES it, and now has no job security!! WHAAAAA!! maybe you should start doing all the designs.....:( lol

Megan said...

So sweet, you guys are so stinking cute, and I love the new site!

Joey said...

thanks babe... the design is cool!

i love you so much too ;)

Grand Pooba said...

I love it!!! Your husband AND your design rock!

jennster said...

you are a way nicer wife than i am. or probably ever will be. i hope he knows how lucky he is. lol

Isabelle said...

You two are too cute for words!!!

I love the new design! I was about to say you should put a white box so it's easier to read and it appreared on my screen... Are you in my head?

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

that picture is gorgeous, you guys are so cute!! this is so sweet, I love to see other couples so happy and enjoy being with each other so much=)! I LOVE the new design!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love the new design! It is so clean and organized.
ps I love that picture of you two!

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