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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I was tagged by Maria at Personalized Sketches and Sentiments (one of our recent blog designs) to play along and list 10 things you may not know about me. So let's see if I can come up with 10... ha!

  1. I pretty much can not go to sleep unless South Park or Family Guy is on TV. I don't like either of those shows, but if Joey is watching anything else (especially the History channel - UGH!), it gives me a sudden case of insomnia.
  2. When I was 3 (maybe 4) I was singing in the children's choir program at my church. I got hot, so I performed my first, and only, strip-tees by taking my choir robe off in front of the entire church and sat down on the stage.
  3. When I was 4, I broke my arm skating. I was good. But that ended my professional career.
  4. I could eat Mexican food all day, every day, for the rest of my life.
  5. I could drink chile con queso. With a side of chips.
  6. I absolutely love going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico with Joey. It's my favorite place on earth.
  7. Joey and I were married for a whole month when I found out I was pregnant with Ashton. Her due date was 10 months - to the day - from our wedding date.
  8. I am a total freak about Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving all the decoration MUST go up - lights on the house, the tree comes out, the house gets decorated, everything! But, the day after Christmas it all comes down. I can't take it anymore.
  9. I can't sit still. This drives Joey nuts, but I have to be doing something all the time. I can't help it, I'm my mother's daughter.
  10. Family and friends are the most important things to me. I would rather be with my family and/or friends in any capacity than anything else. Whether it's a date with my husband, an afternoon at the pool with my kids, dinner at my parents, vacation at my favorite aunt's house, out with friends - whatever. There is nothing that is more important to me than my husband, kids, family and friends. I love them dearly!
Now... tell me about you! What is it that I don't know?? Wanna play along?

Weekend Recap

Monday, June 29, 2009

This weekend was pretty much jam packed.

Friday evening started off great, but went downhill fast, as most Fridays have been doing lately. Joey cooked salmon on the grill and I made loaded mashed potatoes. It was YUM-MY!!

The problem with Friday nights is there is just nothing to do. Nothing to watch on TV and I'm too tired to go do anything. So most of the time the kids end up playing outside with their friends and Joey ends up watching some hideous show on the History channel and I end up wanting to hang myself in the closet.

OK, that may be a bit dramatic, but only a bit.

My point? I hate Fridays.

Saturday we took the kids to the water park at Sea World and barely escaped with our lives since it had to be 110 degrees outside. Even in the water park I thought we were going to die.

Speaking of the water park, can anyone explain to me why they make bikinis in sizes they shouldn't or why people insist on swimming fully clothed? I'm talking capri pants and t-shirts. I understand wearing a shirt over your suit, but fully clothed?? Come one!

Talk amongst yourselves - then comment, of course!

Then Saturday night we dropped the kids off at the grandparents and headed out on a date - in the air conditioning. After watching an episode on the food channel earlier that day about sea food, we hit up Red Lobster for, what else, lobster! YUM!

I obviously needed some entertainment while we waited for our food...

I.Love.Him. He's the silliest man I know and is always making me laugh. I don't know what I would do without him. Our waiter literally had to wait to put our salad and bread down because Joey wasn't quite done. LOL.

After dinner we saw Transformers which was really good, but also disappointing that they can't seem to make a movie like that, that we can take our son to. It's based on a cartoon. Why would you need to add all the sexual innuendo and language? Irritating.

Sunday was bright and early to church because Joey and I were on for worship. If you don't know, Joey plays the guitar (and sings) and I sing on the worship team. We had two services at the downtown campus, which makes for a long day!

We tried to take a nap that afternoon, but the kids absolutely refused to let that happen. God love 'em.

Then last night our church recorded their 3rd live worship cd/dvd at the main campus and I couldn't miss it! It was amazing!! Here's a pic... (from my phone - sorry so blurry)

I've heard the debate that churches with bands and lights and non-traditional music certainly can't invoke the presence of God. I wish people who thought that would come to my church. I'm sure there are churches out there who are more concerned with the "show" than bringing people into the presence of God. My church is certainly not one of them. Last nights worship experience was amazing.

The perfect ending to a hectic weekend!

Happy Monday y'all!

Stay-cation with the cousins

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yesterday, my aunt and cousins, along with their kiddos, all came into town for a short get-away at a local resort. This is the second year that they've done this and we've made it a point each year to make our own (very brief) stay-cation out of the event.

I took half a day off work yesterday, grabbed the kids and our swimsuits and drove out to meet them for an afternoon of fun.


I grew up vacationing at my Aunt and Uncle's house and I have always been close with my cousins. My kids absolutely adore my Aunt and my cousins and the kids get along so well. It's so much fun to see my kids doing the same things that I did when I was growing up.

This is the newest baby in the family, Derek. He's my oldest cousin, Lauren's newest, and he is the sweetest little boy ever!!

Every evening around the pool, the resort builds a fire in the fire pit and cooks s'mores. A big hit with the kids and the adults! :)

Of course, Taylor had his without chocolate...

Not Ashton though... I'm sure hers had double chocolate!

After dinner and s'mores, we all went to a big grassy area where they were showing an outdoor movie and serving popcorn. So fun!

Now this is priceless - for multiple reasons. One, just because Ashton and Derek are TOO cute! And two? Well, two because earlier in the day Derek pooped on Ashton. It was quite hilarious to me and Lauren. Not so funny to Ashton at that time, but I guess she had forgotten about that by now because she just couldn't wait to hold him again.

This is Berkeley, Bethany's youngest (my youngest cousin). She was having quite a time with Ashton during the movie. She was having more fun getting Ashton to help her put on Cameryn's shoes (Lauren's oldest) than she was watching the movie.

Ashton didn't mind, as you can see.

We had so much together and stayed up way too late! And we're going back today!

She finally did it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday afternoon, while Joey and Taylor were getting their haircut, Ashton decided she wanted to get her ears pierced.

This is not the first time she's made this decision, yet she has no holes in her ears.

The last time we went to the store, I completed the paper work, she sat in the chair, and then FREAKED OUT! We sat there for probably 20 minutes with me trying to talk her off a ledge. She wanted to do it but was so afraid the pain would be equivalent to having her arm amputated with a butter knife. I tried to tell her it wouldn't hurt any worse, or any longer, than a shot, but obviously I have no credibility with my daughter.

We left with no earrings.

So Sunday when she informed me of her decision, I was less than convinced. But we had nothing else to do while the boys were getting their haircut, so off we went.

She picked out her earrings and hopped up the chair.

The associate marked her ears and told Ashton not to look at her (while she was preparing the "gun").

Ashton wasn't freaking out at all. I held her hand - for my own comfort, I guess.

When the associate pierced her first ear, Ashton did not even flinch. I almost passed out. Not from the ear piercing, but because my baby girl was so brave! I couldn't believe it! They did the other ear and we were all done. It was over.

(I know, you're all wondering where the earring is. I promise it's there. It's a cute little, expensive, pink flower.)

No flinching. No crying. Nothing. Just beautiful earrings in my 9 year olds ears.

And $40 out of my wallet.

(PS - Mawmaw, under penalty of death DO NOT say anything to Ashton about this. She wants to tell everyone herself, but I couldn't not post about it. My baby girl got her ears pierced!)

Father's Day Recap

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day started early this year, which for me was just fine!

On Wednesday night we were child-less, so Joey and I went to the gym and then stopped by Lowe's to check out the grills. We've had our grill since we first got married, and when Joey tries to use it, it usually results in cursing and unevenly cooked food. So I thought it was time for a new one.

And who can resist looking at this, anyway??

The food's not bad either. :)

Then on Friday, my parents came over for dinner to celebrate an early Father's Day and Joey grilled some amazing steaks. We hung out with my parents for a while, ate cherry pie, talked politics, but no Wii bowling... Next time mom, I promise!

Love you Daddy!!

Then on Sunday, we went to Joey's moms house to eat lunch with his grandparents and guess what? Joey cooked ribs on the grill! Are you sensing a theme??

It's really his own fault for being so dang good at grilling. But I don't mind. I just take one for the team.

Then we spent the afternoon at the pool. Because what else can you do when it's 105 degrees in the shade?

Later that evening, the kids insisted on serving Joey dinner in bed (who knows, but we're happy to oblige...) so they did. Aren't they cute?

(They didn't serve him the beer that's on the nightstand, though. He got that himself. I'm not raising little bartenders. No worries.)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Father's Day!

I stole this from my husband.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yeah, I stole this from my husband. I don't think he'll mind, 'cuz he's my husband.

Read this and then I'll throw my two cents in:

Ok, so I am in sales. Outside sales. Which means that is is my job to acquire new business opportunities for my company. Believe me, the worst part of my job is prospecting. That is - finding people who are willing to sit down with you and listen to what you have to say. I don't sell things out of a bag or have a worthless product. I work for an IT company providing high level support for Servers, computers, phone systems, etc. We are a Microsoft GOLD Partner, and a Dell Premier Dealer. Not just a fly by night computer co. working out of some one's garage.

So, yesterday, I printed off my marketing piece and went out to deliver some information to some local companies. I'm NOT pushy at all. The just of my sales calls consist of my telling the receptionist that I'd like to drop off information on my company and then I ask for the contact info for the IT Manager. Simple. If you think about it, it's not different that sending out something in the mail. We just do it in person. So what.

So, I sent an email to an lady that was on the phone yesterday. I could have just sat there and listened to her whole conversation and waited until she got off the phone, but instead, I just left the info on the front desk, picked up her card and went on my day. This morning, I emailed her and this is how it went:

--- On Fri, 6/19/09, Joey Gorena <j****> wrote:
From: Joey Gorena <
j****>Subject: Follow UPTo: m****@sbcglobal.netDate: Friday, June 19, 2009, 8:51 AM

Hi, I stopped by your office yesterday and you were on the phone, and I left my card and a flyer with “duct tape” on the front. I just wanted touch base with you. Please keep us in mind if you have any computer or networking needs. Sales or service.


Joey Gorena, Business Development Manager
Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm CST
210.341.**** Ext. 125
866.818.**** Ext. 125

From: Marsha Clare **** [mailto:m****] Sent: Friday, June 19, 2009 9:09 AMTo: Joey GorenaSubject: Re: Follow UP

Mr. Gorena,

I am NOT interested, and remove me from your sales solicitation list. You obviously ignored my office sign which said "No Sales or Soliciting."

My Response:

You’re not on a list. Every office has that sign including mine. Every company markets/advertises, we choose to do it in person. You don’t have to be rude about it. Everyone has a job to do, and in this economy, you should be more respectful of those that are out trying to support their families and put food on the table instead of standing on the street begging for money. I wasn’t selling anything, simply hand delivering our advertising. Do you take the time to write hateful emails back to every company that sends you advertising in the mail? Of course not! I promise never to contact you again.

Now, before you go telling me that it's better to just let it go, blah, blah, blah. DON'T. I've been putting up with this for years, and yes, I take it personally. I don't normally say anything, but today, I just had to. It was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I'm tired of people treating sales people like the scum of the earth. Not every sales person is a sleezball that can't be trusted. Trust me, this lady is a lawyer and there are plenty of sleezy lawyers out there for sure!

Any ways, I feel better.

My two cents? Why do people have to be so rude? Seriously?

I mean, is it really necessary? Wouldn't the world be a better place to live if we could all just say please and thank you, wave when someone lets you into traffic, RSVP when requested, and just overall use common courtesy? What is wrong with people?

What has this world come to when everyone thinks they are intrinsically better than everyone else?

It really sickens me to be raising children in a world like this - it's like swimming up stream, constantly, to teach them that this is not how we will be!

Could my momma's boy be any more like his daddy?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last night when Joey got home with the kids, Taylor saw a baseball nightlight sitting on the counter and asked Joey if he bought it for him.

Joey replied, "No, momma bought that for you a while back but never gave it to you because you don't use a nightlight."

Taylor went on about his business and started watching cartoons.

Not two minutes later he walked up to Joey and asked, "Daddy where did that nightlight come from?"

Joey said, "Taylor, I just told you! Momma bought that for you a while back!"

To which Taylor replied, "You didn't tell me that!"

Now, fast forward a few hours to right before bed time. Taylor asked Joey for a bowl of cereal and asked if we had Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Joey told him we did and to go sit down at the table.

When Joey placed Taylor's bowl of cereal in front in him, Taylor, completely shocked, questioned, "We have Cinnamon Toast Crunch? I didn't know we had Cinnamon Toast Crunch!"

Joey laughed and said, "Taylor, I just told you we had Cinnamon Toast Crunch!"

Taylor quickly replied, "No you didn't! You must have said that in your head!"

By now, I'm in the bedroom about to pee my pants I'm laughing so hard and I yell out to Joey, "HE'S YOUR SON!" because I can not tell you how many times Joey has done this to me. There aren't numbers that go that high! I talk, he doesn't hear me, and then he swears that I say these things in my head!!

I'm already beginning to pray for Taylor's sweet (future) wife, who will undoubtedly have a lifetime of "saying things in her head."

Did you know? And how about a GIVEAWAY?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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What not to say

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yesterday I had a great chest and tricep workout and needless to say, I'm really sore today.

Last night, Joey came home from the gym rather quickly due to the fact that he strained his back while carrying two 105 lb. dumbbells. I know, maybe he shouldn't be carrying dumbbells the size of, uh... a small woman, but he's strong like that, so that's what he does.

Anyway, he was, and still is in an extreme amount of pain.

He called me today and asked if I wanted to go to lunch, so he picked me up and as we were driving, without even thinking, I said, "man, I'm sore!"

Slowly, his head turned and I got the look of death. We both busted out laughing. Ok maybe I busted out laughing. It wasn't intentional. I am sore! Just not at all like my poor hubby who couldn't put his own socks on this morning.

I'm sorry baby! I hope your back is better soon!! I promise not to mention my sore muscles any more!!

How to Survive Summer Camp

Monday, June 15, 2009

Step 1: Make great friends.

Ashton - second from left (top), far right (bottom)

Step 2: Swim more than you have ever swam in all of your 9 years of life.

Ashton - second from left (top)

Ashton (left)

Step 3: Sun, sweat, and face paint is highly recommend.

Step 4: Water zip-line. Woo Hoo!!!

Step 5: Zip-line.

Seriously, does it not look like Ashton had more fun than should be allowed by law?? Every picture I saw just made me smile from ear to ear. I knew she was having so much fun!

Next year, I'm thinking maybe I will go. But not as a counselor. Heck no! I'm sneaking in as a kid. This camp looks like way too much fun!!

MHR Friday

Friday, June 12, 2009

Joey is always trying to win "husband of week", which I really don't mind. This week was no different.

On Wednesday, I left the house with a dishwasher full of clean dishes and a sink full of dirty dishes. I hate doing that, but a girl's gotta go to work. By the time I got home from work though, the dishwasher had been emptied, reloaded, washed, and emptied again!

Yeah, I said it. Emptied again!

This isn't a rare occurrence, either. Joey is the best at house work. He's always starting the laundry, going to the grocery store for me (which he did this week as well - come to think of it, he went last week too!), cooking dinner... the list goes on.

Oh, and he also kills bugs.

And brings me breakfast tacos at work.

I scored, I know.

My Little Graduate... for real this time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

*Warning... lots of pics, but they're SO cute!!

Just look at him! My little graduate! Isn't he adorable?

This years ceremony was absolutely fabulous! Last year, if you recall, we had a dry run at this because Taylor was in the Pre-K class as well, but didn't start kinder because of his birthday. It's a good thing because last year (at the ceremony), um.... let's just say, left a lot to be desired. (Not in the program, but my little man's attitude.)

This year? He was an absolute angel. I was the proudest mom in the room. And there were a LOT of moms in the room.

Here he his leading his class down the aisle, with his teacher, just like a "grown-up" graduation.

Tears, I tell you!

And walking the stage wasn't any less of a tear-jerker. They really get you with these ceremonies.

Taylor absolutely loved his teacher. And let me just tell you, she is a saint! Taylor has given her a run for her money this year, but she has stuck by him, never given up, and he has come through this year such a strong little boy. I couldn't be more proud of him, or more thankful for the teacher that God had prepared for Taylor for this very time in his life.

What a blessing she was!

Mama had to give Taylor a graduation gift, and he is very into Star Wars, so he was super excited to unwrap a new Star Wars book!

Taylor is more than excited to begin kindergarten. He's ready and waiting... literally!

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