"My Husband Rocks" Friday

Friday, May 29, 2009

... because he cooks.

Honestly, I really don't need to say anything else, do I? Ok, ok, I will.

If you've been around here for more than a day, then you know that not only do I hate to cook, but I can't cook. I shouldn't cook. When I attempt to cook, it usually causes the smoke detectors to go off.

Let's just say I won't be guest blogging on Blissfully Domestic anytime soon.

But Joey still loves me. And he cooks dinner almost every night without complaining. He's amazing. I would like to think that he would still have married me had he known this 11 years ago, but...

The point is, he's the best husband ever. He never makes me feel like less of a wife because I'm horrible in the kitchen.

Maybe it's because I'm so good in the bedroom...

HA HA HA!!! Sorry... I had to go there.

Love you baby!!

Rock, Paper, Scissors. How we make the important decisions.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last night, the family was sitting down to a very yummy dinner that the hubs had made. (Love.Him.) Ashton had been waiting until dinner time, when we were a captive audience, to make her grand announcement... She made a 100 on her math TAKS test!!

Joey and I are so proud of her! I mean, we know she is smart, she's in Gifted and Talented (ALPHA), and just overall brilliant, but GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! A 100 on the TAKS??

That's my girl!!

So we were discussing exactly what we were going to do this weekend to reward her academic excellence when Ashton declared that she wanted to go to her favorite amusement part - Sea World. That's when I had to tell her that I didn't think we'd be able to swing that this weekend because daddy has a commitment in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday that could last a while and then on Sunday, there is a mandatory parent meeting for her summer camp from 2-4 in the afternoon.

Well Joey, Father of the Year, came up with a fabulous suggestion. Wanna hear it? Of course you do!

Joey said, "It's ok Ashton, one of us will go to the parent meeting and the other one will take you kids to the pool for the afternoon, then we'll meet up for dinner at your favorite restaurant!"

Awe. What a great dad, right? WRONG! Yeah, I'm no dummy! I knew exactly what he meant by that. So what did I say?

"That's a great idea honey! I'll take the kids to the pool while you go to the parent meeting!"

To which Joey quickly replied, "No way! You're going to the parent meeting!"

After a brief convo at the dinner table about how I went last year by myself, Ashton spoke up and suggested a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to end this here and now. Which I thought was a great idea.

Of course, when my paper covered Joey's rock, he thought it was the lamest decision making tool ever.

Sorry, babe. I'll be thinking of you, though, while I'm laying by the pool.

*PS - Joey actually is Father of the Year. He has the t-shirt to prove it. Any remarks above are strictly for comedic purposes.

Another Joey-ism

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last week Joey and I had one of those days where we were just bickering about everything. Don't get me wrong, most of the time when we do this, it's all in fun, and this is how it was that day.

But it had been going on all day.

So that night we were laying in bed watching TV and the bickering continued. I had the last word, 'cuz I'm good at that, but before I knew it Joey was right in my face and said, "You've just lost the privilege to breathe through your nose," and plugged my nose with his fingers.

I only lasted about 2.5 seconds before I busted out laughing. It was literally the funniest thing EVER.

This is why I love my husband. He is ALWAYS making my laugh with his silly stunts.

I think I'll take up running (and MHR Friday)

Friday, May 22, 2009

I've been doing the 30 Day Shred, but got really irritated with it a couple days back, so the day before yesterday I decided i would head back to the gym for a run.

You can read about my first attempt here.

Yesterday, though, I had a great run! Seriously! I think I channeled Forest Gump! (Well, sort of...)

I ran for 30 minutes straight, 2.25 miles, and I felt great! I'm seriously thinking that I may turn into a runner - which is something I've always wanted to do, but never thought I would.

I was on a high all night long - so proud of myself!

Now don't burst my bubble... I know it's not that great, but for me, it was like completing a marathon! LOL. And on top of that, my legs are sore, my abs are sore, and I feel fabulous! I'm looking forward to my next run to see what I can do.

Wish me luck!

Happy 3 day weekend everyone!!

PS - My hubby DOES rock today, but I can't share too much. Joey, you know that I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see exactly what happens. As I said before, you're my rock, my hero, and my best friend.

Congratulations!! I love you with all my heart!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Has there ever been a time in your life where you know God protected you?

There are a two MAJOR times that come to mind for me - one of which was this morning.

So I'm driving to work in the middle lane of a 5 lane highway, driving the speed limit, minding my own business, and listening to my favorite morning show. My exit is coming up so I turn my blinker on, move over one lane and wait for an opening to move over again - when all of the sudden a big truck (who had just moved into the lane I needed to be in) decided he didn't want to be in that lane anymore, he wanted to be in my lane. ON TOP OF MY JEEP!

I had absolutely no other choice than to jerk immediately to the left to avoid him just driving right on top of me.

Thank You, Lord, for going before me and clearing the traffic in the lane to the left of me. Thank You for stabilizing my Jeep and keeping it from flipping - because I jerked it THAT hard - and causing the kind of accident you only see on the nightly news. Thank You for having both of my hands on the steering wheel at that moment. Thank You that I wasn't on my cell phone.

Thank You, God for your constant protection. You continue to amaze me...

Shamu almost made him throw up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We took the kids to Sea World on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day, but not quite warm enough for the water park.

Trust me, this took much convincing on our part because if there is a bright yellow ball in the sky, the kids think it's warm enough for water activities. Until they actually get wet. Then it's a different story.

Anyway... I had high hopes of this being the year that we would ride roller coasters as a family and have tons of fun. After all, Taylor is taller and I knew he would meet the height requirements.

This was our year...

... to ride the kiddy coasters, again. Taylor absolutely refused to ride anything but the Shamu roller coaster - which actually almost made him puke on the first turn - and this...

And this one, he rode over, and over, and over again. I stood there and watched him ride this at least 10 times in a row. But I couldn't hold it against him. He was having so much fun. Laughing, smiling, running back in line.

What's a momma gonna do? But sit and wait...

My baby girl on the other hand, she wants to ride anything that doesn't go upside down. She even got me (ME!) on the Journey to Atlantis - which got me soaking wet. UGH!

Hi, my name is Stephanie. Just in case we haven't met.

Then she was off with daddy to ride the real coasters while I was watching Taylor go round and round on the same ride.

Here she is waiting in line for the Steel Eel. ( So beautiful, right?)

We had a great time and can't wait to use our passes for "free" summer fun!

Friday randoms...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yeah, Joey is gonna rock today, but you still need to read :) Sorry for the list, but there's way too much on my mind.

  1. I played Wii with Taylor last night. He scored a 249 on bowling. Maybe I should get him into a Wii bowling league.
  2. Someone hit my precious Jeep in the grocery store parking lot a couple weeks back, cracking the bumper, and I'm just now getting around to getting it fixed.
  3. I hate rental cars. The first car they put me in was U.G.L.Y. and sooooo dirty. I took it back yesterday and traded it in.
  4. Hopefully I get my Jeep back today. I love my Jeep. Have I mentioned that before?
  5. The Blogalicious Designs anniversary special is still going on through the end of May. Check it out HERE for great discounts on blog, web, and graphic designs!
  6. My Husband is the best ever. Last Saturday, Ashton's volleyball game was at the ungodly hour of 8am so he took her by himself and let me and Taylor stay home.
  7. I really hated missing her game - it makes me feel like a bad mom - but I really loved the sleep.
  8. Thanks babe! You're the best EVER!
  9. Ashton's volleyball game is at 8am again tomorrow. I will be the best wife ever.
  10. Last night I had the "birds and bees" talk with Ashton. Somebody kill me now. And don't ask.
  11. One of my favorite things to do is lay on Joey's chest while we catch up on our DVR after the kids are in bed. We did that last night. And every night.
  12. I have to sew elastic on Taylor's graduation hat. It's a preemptive strike against last year's graduation. THAT was a mother's worst nightmare.
  13. I wish I was at the beach.
  14. In Mexico.
  15. With a frozen concoction in my hand.
  16. And the sun beaming down on me.

Happy Friday!

Oh, the things I'd do...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

... if I were in charge. Can you imagine??

I certainly can!

  1. The sun wouldn't rise until around 6:30 am... M-F. After all, the workday would only be 10am-3pm. This allows for plenty of lounging around, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and getting the kids ready, with NO need to rush. Aaaahhhh.... so refreshing.
  2. On the weekends, it would be illegal for anything to begin before 10am. Dang those 8am volleyball games.
  3. And while I'm at it... Monday thru Friday?? No, the work week is now Monday thru Thursday, with a 3 day weekend - every week! (C'mon, we do have to work sometime!)
  4. The toilet seat would automatically close after men use it, because God knows they are incapable of putting that dang seat down on their own.
  5. Cooking anything would actually reduce the calorie, fat, and carb count, but never the taste.
  6. Any amount of physical exertion would burn 10 times the amount of calories it did before I was in charge.
  7. Any time you go shopping and find something cute on the rack, it would look even cuter when you try it on.
  8. No more fluorescent lighting. Ever.
  9. We would all have a natural tan.
  10. I would give every woman the Electrolux Wave-Touch Washer and Dryer. Because it will wash and dry a load of laundry in 36 minutes. That's the closest I can get to the laundry doing itself.

Mother's Day Recap

Monday, May 11, 2009

We celebrated Mother's Day on Friday evening with my mom. With all of the moms (my mom, Joey's mom, both of our grandmother's, ME!) being in town, it makes for a pretty crowded Mother's Day, so this year, I thought we'd spread it out a bit.

I invited my parents over for dinner and actually cooked. I know, shocking, right? Well, I love my mom that much! We had a nice relaxing evening and I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with my momma.

Sunday was jam packed! Joey and I sang and played at the Downtown campus so we were up at the crack of dawn to get to rehearsal and then on for both services. Then we hauled it over to Joey's grandma's for lunch and cake, and then it is was straight home for a 3, yes 3 hour nap!

It was fabulous!!

Then Joey took me and the kids to SoLuna for dinner and it was yum-yum-yummy!

Took these cute pics at the restaurant. Aren't the flowers gorgeous?

Then, of course, Taylor had to play it up for the camera.

I love these kids!

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day that included absolutely not one single ounce of laundry. :)

"My Husband Rocks" Friday

Friday, May 8, 2009

The hubby was on a roll this week!

Sunday I took the kids to my parents to go swimming. It was hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, so it was definitely time to cool off in the pool. My mom and I did some catching up while the kids did some splishing and splashing. When it was time to head home, I called Joey. Guess what he was doing?

Heading to Lowe's to buy the part he needed to fix the kitchen cabinet! Yipee!! That cabinet has been driving me nuts for weeks. Nothing major, it just didn't quite close all the way. Just enough to irritate me.

Hallelujah! By the time I got home, it was fixed!

Then, Monday morning, as I was about to leave for work, he asked if I wanted him to take my Jeep so he could get the oil changed.

Well do I look dumb? (Don't answer that.)

After lunch he brought me the Jeep - not only with fresh oil, but nice and clean! He washed it too!

Yeah, I have the best hubby in the world. You can't have him, he's all mine!

I think it was the worst day of my life.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This morning, Ashton woke up complaining that her stomach, back, and neck hurt.

We had to be at the oral surgeon at 10am, so the complaining started early. I was already feeling horribly guilty and didn't sleep well at all, so this was not helping.

Granted, this is NOT about me about at all. I know my baby was trying to be strong but was absolutely terrified. And it only got worse the closer we got to the surgeon's office.

About 5 minutes away I prayed for her, that the Lord would give her peace and calm her stomach (since she kept telling me she was going to throw up). This seemed to help, since about 2 minutes later she was in much better spirits... until we walked into the office and she completely lost it.

Immediately I started telling her to think about what she could eat when the surgery was over - mommy's famous baked potatoes, daddy's famous milk shakes, and all the ice cream a girl could ever want! That's what we focused on every time the tears started to fall.

It was the worst day of my life.

I updated my Facebook status with this: OMG... Talk about ripping my heart out, throwing it on the floor, stomping on it, then tossing it in a blender. Sometimes being a mom is the worst feeling in the world.

It's true. As I tried to calm Ashton down as we waited for the surgery to begin, it took every ounce of strength I could muster to keep from breaking down. But I knew I couldn't. I had to be strong for my baby. She needed me.

She was terrified of the IV, but the surgeon did it himself and promised her $1 if he didn't get it in the first time. At one point, Ashton said she wanted the dollar, but I told her I would give her the dollar anyway, because we really wanted that IV in right now! The surgeon was fabulous, and very quick, and Ashton was out in no time.

The surgery was complete in around 30 minutes and I was so proud of my baby! The 3 hours after were the worst, but once I got her to finally eat some pudding...

... and then mommy's famous baked potato (which turned out to be the best baked potato in the entire world!)...

... she's now relaxing on the couch watching Sponge Bob and feeling great!

Hopefully I can find my heart and get in back my chest. No one said motherhood would be easy, right?

Thanks for all the prayers. I hate to think how the day would have gone without them.

Baby Girl

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tomorrow my baby girl is having oral surgery to have 5 teeth extracted.

She's completely fine and begged the surgeon to remove them yesterday. (Crazy, I know.)

I'm freaking out.

In our 9 and a half years of having children we have never had so much as a broken bone, an ER visit, a hospital stay - nothing. And tomorrow, my baby is having full on anesthesia to have 5 teeth extracted.

I know she will be completely fine, but it still freaks me out.

So, my bloggy friends, please keep her in your prayers.

Stephy's Got A Gun!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday is date night. In an effort to save money, Joey suggested that we head to the shooting range so he can teach me to fire his 9mm.

Sure, why not?

So I put my ear plugs in and donned my oh-so-stylish glasses and watched Joey shoot for a bit.

I also dodged bullet casings.

Then it was my turn. What Joey has been waiting for ever since he got his gun.

Yeah baby! I may look dangerous, but if I'm aiming at you, there's a slight, ok very large, chance that I won't hit you. Although I did randomly hit the target about 9 times.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Then there's Joey.

That's hot. 'nuf said.

"My Husband Rocks" Friday

Friday, May 1, 2009

11 years ago today, Joey asked me to marry him.

I knew I was going to marry Joey before we even had our first date. Let me take you back...

I dated the same guy all throughout high school, off and on, off and on, and then for a couple of years after we graduated. I always knew this relationship wasn't right, but it was what I knew, so I kept going back to it.

When I finally decided to end this relationship in August 1997, I made a list. I knew that I needed to decide what I wanted in a boyfriend, and future husband, and if I didn't have something concrete to look at, I would buckle again.

So I made my list. Literally. I typed it up and even laminated it on a small card and put in my purse.

It wasn't like guys were beating down my door and I needed to be able to reference this at any given moment, but in February of 1998, after Bible study, I was the last to leave and a nice, good-looking guy walked me to my car.

I'll never forget getting into my car, watching him close the door behind me and then walking back into his house. At that moment, God told me to look at that list.

I did. And I knew right then that I would marry that hot hunk of a guy that had walked me to my car. (Poor thing, he had no chance!)

We hadn't had a date. We hardly knew each other. But after that, it all just fell into place. We had our first date at the end of February and were engaged on May 1, 1998.

People say when you know, you know. And I knew. He knew too.

The day we got engaged Joey took me to the Tower of the America's for a romantic dinner, and then we drove out to Boerne city lake, where he parked and proceeded to set up candles and a blanket in the bed of the truck.

Then he got his guitar... and sang the song that he sang to me when we first starting dating, "Yet". It was the sweetest thing ever, but to this day he is still bitter that I didn't cry.

Baby, I love you more now than I did then. Happy 11 year engagement anniversary! :)

*You can read the Comedy Central version of this story on Joey's blog here.

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