Slumber party. It's a four letter word.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ashton's birthday started out like most. A family dinner (this year it was Pei Wei), then back to the house for cake and presents. It was as if Target threw up in the house and had partaken in way too many Littlest Pet Shops the night before. That's ok, though, because Ashton was more than happy to be on the raw end of that deal.

Taylor got her a Bop-it.  Would you like to know who holds the current record?  That would be me.  95, baby!  Joey's bitter because he held the record for several days at 62.  He had to know it was only a matter of time.

Friday night is when the four-letter word happened.  Ashton had a slumber party.

Oh sure, they look innocent.  But don't let them fool you.  There was much screaming, running, slamming of doors, and laughing.  OH THE LAUGHING!!!

And I can't forget the ghost stories.  There was the donkey lady, bloody Mary, blue-eyed baby (?).... one girl was so scared she had to call her mom at 12:30 to come get her.  I tried to calm her down.  I even ruined every one else's fun by informing them that none of their little stories were true!  But alas, they did not believe me. 

It was horrible.

Oh, they look all cute.  After pancakes and bacon.  But at this point I still had 3 hours of fun.  And by fun, I mean running, and screaming, and slamming doors, and laughing.  OH THE LAUGHING!!!!


Isabelle said...

But I'm sure Ashton had a good time! Good news is.... it's over and it lasted less than a day :)

Carri said...

Looks like fun and you survived. You are far braver then I am. My limit is one child sleeping over and even then I usually get rid of one of mine since they share a room.

Aubrey said...

Oh Stephanie, you can't forget all the memories you had with your slumber parties. And 8 short years she'll be off at college and you'll be longing for the running, screaming, slamming doors and laughing. :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from a SITSta!
Come pop by for a visit!
Beautiful blog!

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