Christmas Party FAIL

Friday, December 18, 2009

I plan the annual Christmas party for my office every year.  For the last three years, the parties have been fabulous.  Everyone has loved them.  They have gone off without a hitch.  A fabulous Mexican dinner downtown, a casino night, a cozy dinner at a quaint restaurant outside of town...

I knew it was only a matter of time.  I just wish that it wasn't this time.

Let me give you some background. I work for an international company and I'm the Executive Assistant to the President of the North American branch.  His boss (the big boss) work in the main office in Germany.  He is retiring at the end of December so he and his replacement decided to attend our Christmas party at the last minute.

Can you say pressure?

I had planned a nice dinner cruise on the Riverwalk, which would have been great until our numbers started to rise and the temperatures started to plummet.  We ran out of room on the boats and had to go to plan B.  No problem. We switched to a cocktail cruise giving more room on the boats, which killed two birds with one stone - we would now only be on the boats for 45 minutes max, thus enduring the frigid South Texas temps (45 degrees!) for a much shorter time, then we'd be in a nicely heated room, all together, for dinner.

Sounds great!  Crisis averted!  YAY ME!

Until we actually got on the boats.  And they began a much longer than 45 minute tour.  In the frigid South Texas temps.

People.  It was awful.

But this is what I was trying to focus on:



The Riverwalk is absolutely gorgeous at Christmas.  So yes, it was beautiful.  But at one point, I actually thought there might be a connection between the San Antonio river and the Gulf of Mexico and that our boat driver was in the process of a mass kidnapping.  She had no intention of taking us back the restaurant so our grumbling tummies could eat.

And speaking of eating? We were eating at the best Mexican restaurant on the Riverwalk.  And the food was horrible.  Barely edible.

I'm tempted to just close my office door this morning.  I thought about sending out an apology email to all the attendees, but no one likes a martyr.  UGH!  It was awful.

It should have been great, but it wasn't.

Christmas party FAIL!


Jenster said...

Awwe sorry.

Jennifer said...

The party planner always puts more stress on themselves and is way more critical than the guests. (I should know, this has happened to me before) And everyone told me it was great anyways. So even though ya'll had icicles coming off your face, I bet you they had more fun than you thought. At least I hope so. :)

Melissa said...

Oh no girl! The Riverwalk sounds so nice and you had awesome intentions. I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves still!

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