Christmas 2009... in pictures

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This Christmas was great.  We did the usual house hopping, but Christmas is so much more relaxed than Thanksgiving, where we have to cram it all in to one day.  This Christmas, we started off on Christmas Eve afternoon at Joey's dads house.

Taylor's Christmas went a lot like this picture:


... TONS of Star Wars.  Which is great, because he loves it so much.  He got Lego Star Wars, action figures, spaceships, light sabers...  He can never have have too much Star Wars!

Grandpa and Lynda gave Ashton one of her favorite presents - a super soft bear, who she named Frosty.



After Grandpa's house, we went to my parents.  We always spend Christmas Eve night with my family.


Ashton's Christmas went mostly like this picture - TONS of Littlest Pet Shop.  She loves LPS (as they call it) and that's all she asked for.


I got Joey a new watch for work, but when he opened the box, the watch didn't work.  Evidently I packed it too well and smashed the Indiglo light so it stayed on the whole time it was packed.  Oops.


Joey, the best husband in the world, got me this:

It's absolutely my favorite thing in the world.  I'm just so proud of him!

Then there's Ashton, just being silly.  Love her!

Christmas morning, I was awakened from a dead sleep by Taylor bursting into our room yelling, "It's Christmas!  It's Christmas!"  Although I was nice and snugly and WAY asleep, I won't lie, I loved the excitement in his voice.

I also got Joey a gun safe.  He had been wanting one for a while and finally found the right one.  He doesn't look all that excited, but that's only because it was ridiculously early.  He loves it.  Trust me.


Christmas day, we always go to Joey's grandparents for lunch.  More of Memaw's yummy stuffing!  Why is it that we only eat turkey and stuffing twice a year?  Such a travesty!

And as you can see, more LPS for Ashton...

And Taylor has Mimi to thank for his new Heelys.  He wears his Heelys all the time and just in the last week, he started to complain that they were too small, so these came at just the right time!


Later that afternoon, on Christmas Day, we took the kids to see the new Alvin & The Chipmunks movie.  It was really cute!  This is something that my family always did growing up and I'm glad that the kids are old enough now that we can start doing the same.  I just love going to the movies on Christmas!

We had such a wonderful Christmas!  And this year, I truly felt less stress, more love, and the true reason why we celebrate.  I hope you all did as well.

Love Jesus. Spend less. Give more.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE your badge!!!! You definitely deserve one girl! Glad ya'll had a Merry Christmas!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are hilarious in those pics! Kids make Christmas SO much better!

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

I think Santa got your sons list and mine mixed up because he got all the things I wanted.


Weeksie50 said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas : )

Rachel said...

Great pics...the kids made out like bandits!!! The gift Joey got you is so sentimental...what a great present. Happy New Year!!!

Isabelle said...

Awww the Police wife pendant almost mde me cry!!! Taylor's hair on Xmas morning is just amazing lol. Looks like you guys had a great time!!!

Jo Ann said...
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