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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This morning on my way to work I was listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, as usual, when I was introduced to Fred.

Fred is a 66 year-old retired man who delivers pizzas in the Ft. Worth, TX area because he loves people.  He's married to a lovely woman with MS and together, they are continuing to raise their three teenage grandsons, one of which is autistic.  An employee of an area Border's Bookstore called into the radio and testified to what a great man Fred is.  How he comes into Borders almost everyday, knowing all the employees by name, bringing them leftover pizzas that would otherwise be thrown out.  His wife spoke to how he would do anything for anyone, even if it meant him doing without.

I was bawling throughout the entire interview because prior to telling us any of this, we had been informed that this loving, giving man, this man who sacrificed himself for others, this man was delivering a pizza on Friday night in a neighborhood that he had delivered to many times before, when three teenagers took the pizza, his money, and proceeded to beat him with baseball bats.  The pizza order was a set-up.

Thankfully, a woman across the street heard the first hit and dialed 911.  Fred is still in the hospital while doctors monitor his brain injuries and have given no indications as to when he will be released.

I just have no words.  Well, I say that, but I'm about to give you some words.

When I hear about things like this, I get so angry.  I simply cannot fathom the amount of hate that people harbor in their hearts that causes them to do something like this to a total stranger.  It also makes me incredibly thankful that this world is not my home.  God has put me on the earth for but a time, and in that time I pray that I can make a difference.  I pray that I can help someone to forgive, to love, to know Jesus.

This is not our home.

If you'd like to read the news story, click here


Anonymous said...

Goodness, that's awful! I hope these boys realize what they've done. Makes me sick.

Beautiful words though. SO SO right. Praise God that we have a place in our future wtih no evil or hatred!!

jen + ryan said...

I heard the tail end of that this morning.. unbelievable!

Lindsey said...

That makes me so angry too! Gerat post!

Isabelle said...

Great post!

I don't get it! I never did and probably never will but I hope that this storied touches people and make them understand that violence is never the answer!

I pray that he's ok!

Jessie said...

This breaks my heart. He is in my prayers.

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